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This was supposed to be the last week for my run thru some 70's albums, but what the hell. I'll continue it for a couple more weeks!


This week's pick is the 1979 release from Blue Oyster Cult titled "Mirrors", an album that is considered by many to be a "lesser" BOC album. One of the main quibbles (I used that word!) is the replacement of long time producer Sandy Pearlman with Tom Werman.


Another quibble (X2!) is that the band tried to go with a more "commercial" approach, incorporating pop and disco into the songs. Guess this didn't work since this was the first BOC album in awhile not to go gold or platinum.


However, reviews are very subjective. I guess there are a few stabs at pop, but it's still BOC. Check out "The Vigil" and if this isn't BOC, then I don't know what is. But then again, check out "You're Not The One (I Was Looking For)" and if this isn't The Cars, then it's BOC, but BOC sounding like The Cars but still sounding like BOC if they mutated with The Cars. Get it?


Now let me piss off some of those BOC purists out there and state that I believe "Mirrors" is a much better album than "Spectres". Heresy?




1. Dr. Music

2. The Great Sun Jester

3. In Thee

4. Mirrors

5. Moon Crazy

6. The Vigil

7. I Am The Storm

8. You're Not The One (I Was Looking For)

9. Lonely Teardrops 



Availability: Cheap and begging for a remaster...




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Great, hope you ordered it already, price went up.

Now it's $120.22.

Hold on that a hint for everyone here? And what anniversary is music?

Price keeps climbing!

Now $120.25, and the release date has been pushed back to 11/6.

It's starting to drift from my list.  Maybe I'll just get a hundred bucks worth of new music for my anniversary.

I actually preordered it, I'll see how far it drops. I'm locked in at $120.22.

Ok, here's an update:

From what I've read, there will not be any individual remastered cd's released. The only way to get remastered versions of "Mirrors" thru "Imaginos" plus "On Your Feet Or On Your Knees" is thru the boxset coming out in a couple weeks. The record label did not want to do anymore remasters but a compromise was reached with the boxset. According to Donald Roeser (Buck Dharma) it was either the boxset or there would be nothing at all.

Maybe this will change, but it really sucks for those that were waiting for some of the latter BOC albums to be remastered.


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