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This was supposed to be the last week for my run thru some 70's albums, but what the hell. I'll continue it for a couple more weeks!


This week's pick is the 1979 release from Blue Oyster Cult titled "Mirrors", an album that is considered by many to be a "lesser" BOC album. One of the main quibbles (I used that word!) is the replacement of long time producer Sandy Pearlman with Tom Werman.


Another quibble (X2!) is that the band tried to go with a more "commercial" approach, incorporating pop and disco into the songs. Guess this didn't work since this was the first BOC album in awhile not to go gold or platinum.


However, reviews are very subjective. I guess there are a few stabs at pop, but it's still BOC. Check out "The Vigil" and if this isn't BOC, then I don't know what is. But then again, check out "You're Not The One (I Was Looking For)" and if this isn't The Cars, then it's BOC, but BOC sounding like The Cars but still sounding like BOC if they mutated with The Cars. Get it?


Now let me piss off some of those BOC purists out there and state that I believe "Mirrors" is a much better album than "Spectres". Heresy?




1. Dr. Music

2. The Great Sun Jester

3. In Thee

4. Mirrors

5. Moon Crazy

6. The Vigil

7. I Am The Storm

8. You're Not The One (I Was Looking For)

9. Lonely Teardrops 



Availability: Cheap and begging for a remaster...




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YES!  Nice stuff here!  And BOC?  Oh yeah...I cant wait to hear this album again, its been a long long time!  I'm a Spectres fan, have it on vinyl and remastered CD, would've picked this up as well had it been remastered, but alas, one must have patience in these matters...

Critics say any band in the 70's could've made this album.  To them I say, get a grip!  I love this album but of course I lean very heavily on the melodic side of Rock and this is right up my alley!

9 out of 9 for me on this one!  A long overdue listen and this was one of my most favorite L/FAOTW posts.  Great stuff Jon!!!

Critics don't know squat. I could mention a band they all love that sucks, but won't. Let's all revel in the majesty of "Mirrors"!

And if you have the album, check the cover. There's two swimming "things" that you can try to find.

By "swimming things" you mean that weird little symbol BOC has? I only have this on cassette, but if you are talking about the symbol thingy...I bet if you look close enough, you can find one in the clouds??

Can't see anything.. Is Gordon onto something?

No, think along the line of fishies. Something that swims. Something with a tail. And a white head. 

I was hoping for mermaids, but it just looks like a couple of whales to me.

I don't see what Jon is referring to, but from the discussion, I'll say that you could take the first name of a type of whale and you'd have it.

I was told MANY years ago that the symbol is of the cross with an upside down question mark. It is supposed to symbolize the bands questioning of Jesus. Also, Don't Fear The Reaper was saying it is okay to commit suicide. Some even said that the song was to recruit new people to Satan by killing themselves. I remember going to the record storea and looking for the symbol hidden on the album covers. I just like it because of the whole cow bell thing myself......

And Kiss stands for Knights In Satan's Service!

Umm, yeah.

You don't have to sell me on BOC, already a fan! They opened up for Rush, in the best concert, that I ever had the privilege to attend. The put on an otstanding show, their musicianship was first class!  

While not a commercial success, this is still a good album. You may have to be a hardcore fan to fully appreciate it all, but there are so tracks here that should appeal to the masses. My favorite song on the album is the title track  "Mirrors", but there are other great tracks here too. "The Vigil", "You're Not The One (I Was Looking For)", "The Great Sun Jester", "I Am The Storn".....the single, "In Three". Well, I just like them all! There's excellent guitar work & vocals throughtout.

Good post Jon, you can't go wrong posting BOC!



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