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Another first weekend of the month which means another album from 1983. 

Hey, doesn't every rock fan own this album? Haven't they listened to this album many, many times already? What's the point of posting it?

Those are all valid questions I came up with, all on my own. No outside help. Just me, a keyboard and thoughts running thru my head. The beauty of it is that I have answers for everyone one of those questions. 

1. They should

2.  I would think 

3. What about the other three studio albums?

Wow. I answered a question with a question. Yes, another question that popped into my mind.

Since I'm still stuck in the 80's (for the most part) and 75% of Zebra's studio albums came from the 80's and since I am going to post each and everyone one of Zebra's studio albums in the month of March, I had to start somewhere. And why not with their debut which everyone should already own?

So that's why we're starting with the debut album from Zebra, which went GOLD in the U.S. Two songs got significant airplay, "Tell Me What You Want" and the awe inspiring "Who's Behind The Door", which still gives me shivers everytime I hear it. Don't know why, it just does. 

Is Zebra in a Hall Of Fame? Yes they are! The Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame!  

Factoid: Dream Theater did a cover of one of the songs from this album. 



1. Tell Me What you Want

2. One More Chance

3. Slow Down

4. As I Said Before

5. Who's Behind The Door

6. When You Get There

7. Take Your Fingers From My Hair

8. Don't Walk Away

9. The La La Song


Availability: In serious need of a remaster, the original version is readily available for around $11. 





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I don't own this but I know it well because I had a friend who played all-the-damn-time!  I'll get around to listening to it in the next day or two but if memory serves me correct (and it usually does), this album is a 50/50 proposition.  Even after all the listens I was forced to sit through cruisin' the strip, I don't recall every having the need to buy this or listen to it ever again.  Now I have to...  thanks Jon! 

Opening track is still quite good but the next two really don't work at all.  But As I Said Before and Who's Behind the Door are much much better than I remember them being.

When You Get There interrupts what momentum the previous two tracks had going...  But we get two more tunes that are quite cool followed by the La La Song...  5 out of 9, its a little better than the 50/50 I remember it being.  And in reality that La La Song is kinda catchy in weird way, so its even a little better than that.


Lets hope it just gets better from here...  Cool post really!  Loads of memories and good times with some old friends who I haven't seen in too many years, but still not a purchase for me.


I don't own it and don't remember ever hearing it from a friend, but I do know that my buddy Mike Mills is a fan.  

The first song I have heard and it's a pretty good song.  I think the vocalist is pretty good.  But what the heck happened on that third track?  It's way out of place and I don't care for it at all.

I do like Who's Behind The Door.  This is a unique tune.

When You Get There sounds like it was written by Cheap Trick.

The next track has a very nice opening.  And it continues as a nice overall song.

Again, Don't Walk Away has a totally different feel to it.  This sounds like something from the sixties.  But this one I like.  Almost sounds like The Moody Blues.  This is the best song here.

La La Song picks up right where the previous track ends.  I really like these two closing tracks.

To be truthful and to the best of my knowledge Tell Me What you Want is the only song I've ever heard from them.

Bob, you should check the album out.  All you have to do is click the album cover above.  It will take you to a music player that has the album in it's entirety.  I'm interested in your opinion.

I had this CD in the past and traded it. I got it back from Ebay, came in the mail today. I remember thinking songs like the La La song, etc were dumb. Oh well, I want to relive CDs I had in the past, and I'll probably like this CD now. I haven't listened to Dee Snider's House of Hair in some time, but the show played Tell Me What You Want quite often.

Don't worry, I've overload you with Zebra in the coming weeks! I thought the La La Song was silly when I first heard it, now I like it. Must be an age thing!

I'll need to listen to some of the other Zebra CDs on spotify when I get the time.

Ok, not only do I not have this...but I haven't heard it either (until now)...and I dont own anything at all by Zebra. W(here) TF was I??? I'm liking it so far.

First of all, at times, the lead vocals remind me of Mark Slaughter, and other times, it sounds like the same lead singer for that world renowned band "Killer Dwarfs" (anybody ever hear the Killer Dwarfs??).

Track 1 - like it. Solid vocals. Good way to open the album.

Track 2 - This one does not hold my interest that much. I could do without the backing vocals on this one. Sort of just "get in the way" for me.

Track 3 - Man, this song sounds so familiar to me, it's scary. The key changes, the lyrics (not the actual singing, but the actual words). Was this a hit? Or a cover? Or has someone covered it? Anyway, I like it. Sort of a "light hearted" song. I think the band was just having some fun with this one. Wait a minute...did the Beatles do this??? Dang, this is familiar, but I'm positive I've never heard Zebra.

Track 4 - Best track so far for me. Killer, fast guitar lead. Just rippin'! Like this cool section right after the lead, too. This song is like...frantic, at points, but I really like it. Really like how this track's ending blends right in with track 5's beginning.

Track 5 - Mellow track, but I like it. I like the slower picking on the guitar during the intro, and on into the track. Nothing great, but still a decent listen.

Track 6 - Like it, but the vocals aren't as good on this one. Especially when the 2nd "voice" kicks in. Sounds a little too girlish and nasel-ly on this track. Do like the lead on this one...very creative.

Track 7 - maybe the best track so far. Great "mood" tune if you ask me. Great soft, accoustic intro. And hey, whadd'ya know...I like the keyboard being added in here. Really like the guitar riff once the up-tempo section kicks in. Great vocal melody on this tune fer shur!!

Track 8 - pretty good mid-tempo tune. Very good lead guitar on this one. And the tempo changes throughout are very nice. And the keyboards are low enough in the mix to NOT be a nuisance!

Track 9 - Not liking this one too much. Too many "la-la's" for me. And the dude with the really high voice sounds kind of weird again on this one. Sings great on most of the record, though. I do like the slow lead section...more good guitar. Sometimes, shredding does not "fit" a slower section, but it does here. The "flurry" of notes at the end of the guitar lead, right before the tempo picks up again, is outstanding.

Overall, a very nice listen (and introduction!) to this band. This one is on my radar for a possible purchase.

without a doubt one of my top 5 favorite bands!!  I know..most people have not heard of them but i have loved them from the first time MIKE MILLS let me listen to the tape back in 1983  ( he is a member here and we have known each other forever).  The first song, tell me what you want.. got me...They just sounded different than anything i was hearing... I like  whos behind the door with the heavy keyboards and when you get there is good too..People have stated they sound like Rush and some say like Zepplin...Obviously, no where near the hype of those bands, but i have bought every album they have put out since, including a live and a best of...The first concert i ever saw was loverboy in augusta ga in 1983...They were on that tour and were to open and at the last minute Joan Jett took their spot...Needless to say i was upset!!  This was, for me, a solid introduction to the band and their second album, no tellin lies, did not quite live up to this one...although tracks like wait until the summers gone and lullaby were good... Give it a listen...You might like it!

The third track is a song written by Larry Williams that was also covered by The Beatles. If you listen closely you'll hear a shout-out to Carl Perkins as well.

Ha!! I knew I had heard that song before. Enjoyed this!


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