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Who? Greg Kihn

When? 1976

Album title? Greg Kihn review? Yes.

This record has it all: good songs (mostly written by Kihn) with strong vocals and tight harmonies. If you only know Kihn from the hits, you owe it to yourself to go back and track this record down. If you're only just discovering him, start here and grow with the band.

Greg Kihn

1. Don't Expect to Be Right
2. Any Other Woman
3. Emily Davison
4. Try Try to Fall in Love
5. Kid from Louieville
6. Worse or Better
7. He Will Break Your Heart
8. What Goes On
9. Satisfied
10. Why Don't You Try Me

Availability: Forget about it on CD. 

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So I listened to this and had a conversation with someone who would actually respond.  It went well!  We agreed this was a cool album but not 'Rockihnroll' cool.  That remains his best work....

That first song is excellent, as is that solo on Any Other Woman.  

The next two tracks sound sort of folky, while number 5 has a distinct 60's flavor.  Kool!

I like this album, nice post.

Is it from a CD?  Sounds almost like a vinyl record.  

Thanks for being the first to respond!

Why do you think it's from vinyl? Pops? Or does it sound "warm"? Real questions!

andre braugher wtf GIF

No real pops.  Has some fuzziness in a few places. you remember where? I didn't hear any fuzziness.


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