Classic Rock Bottom

Who? Angel

When? 1975

Album title? Angel

Why? Rjhog demanded it.

Do you always listen to his demands? No, but I felt bad for him. This time. review? Yes.

Angel's later releases were given over entirely to the sort of pomp and glam excess that made them a virtual spot-on blueprint for '80s hair metal, and their debut certainly has Queen-ish guitar and shrill hair-sprayed aggression in abundance on numbers like "Rock & Rollers." But from the opening notes of "Tower," there's a curious admixture of progressive rock, almost entirely due to Gregg Giuffria's contributions of harpsichords, piano, and Mellotrons. Like many first albums, this one is in some ways more interesting than the more Angelic follow-ups, simply because it shows as much what routes they did not follow as which ones they did.


1. Tower
2. Long Time
3. Rock & Rollers
4. Broken Dreams
5. Mariner
6. Sunday Morning
7. On & On
8. Angel (Theme)

Availability: You can get the boxset for around $40, the single album for around $16 or the two-fer which includes Helluva Band for around $21 (cheaper with Amazon Prime, not a paid spokesperson...or am I?)

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I have few Angel LPs. Don't remember if this is one of them or not, but I put all on side once I bought the "An Anthology" CD, which has all the songs I like from this album, plus from their "earlier stuff".

I also have the "In The Beginning" CD, and these 2 CDs are more than enough Angel for me. "Tower" is the song I listen to most often.

This is the first time I have ever heard the band Angel.  That is a bit surprising since I was such a big Kiss fan growing up.  You would think that being as how The Demon discovered them and got them onto the Casablanca label, I would have sought them out somewhere along the line.  But I didn't.  And now Jon has been kind enough to post their debut.

And I listened to it twice yesterday.  I fell asleep both times.  Not because I didn't like it or it was boring or anything like that.  I was just tired and laying back in my chair while listening to it.  So I'm listening for a third time now.  I'm sitting straight up in my chair and there is no danger of me falling asleep this time.

Dang, I totally dig this.  That song Long Time has a very similar bass line to Suite Madame Blue by Styx.  Also, it's similar to a Led Zeppelin song.  But they definitely remind me more of Styx.  And the slow down on Sunday Morning at the end reminds me a bit of the slow down on Black Diamond.  But whatever.

Basically, I like this.  That's what I'm saying. I think I want the box set.  But it already seems to be available from third party sellers only.  It's 41.29 plus shipping on Amazon.  It's 39.10 on Barnes and Noble's website, but I can't tell if the shipping is free or not. Decisions, decisions.  Maybe I just won't get it.  I don't know.  Good post though!


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