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Who? Thunder

When? 1980

Album title? Thunder review? Yes.

Southern rock quartet Thunder's eponymous debut is a slick, '70s AOR slab of semi-intelligent guitar-heavy rock & roll that sounds like the middle road between interstate Kansas and highway Bad Company. This ten-track collection of radio-ready material isn't any better or worse than much of the mid-level, kind of "proggy" post-boogie rock of the era, and the production and playing is excellent throughout, but there is nothing here that hasn't already appeared on a Styx, Foghat or Little River Band record.


1. Easy Street
2. Late Last Night
3. I'm Alright
4. Last Love Song
5. Last Train To Paradise
6. All Night Long
7. Service With A Smile
8. Santiago Midnight Moonlight
9. Magazine Love
10. Rock And Roll Wasteland

Availability: Around $18 new or $40 used?

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I love Backstreet Symphony and Laughing On Judgement Day.

They were both produced by Andy Taylor.

This is not THAT Thunder.

That explains why it sounded a bit... Off.

But more importantly, what good is a Thunder without lightning.
It's like a dog that barks, but doesn't bite.

Well, I can say this is not the Thunder that I was expecting it when I originally saw the post.  I like that band and thought I was gonna hear one of their earlier albums.  

Was I disappointed?


This southern rock was outstanding.  The song Last Train To Paradise is soooooo good.  I don't really understand why I have never heard of this band before.  The singer really makes me think of a combination of .38 Special and Atlanta Rhythm Section.  

Ole Jonny really posts some good stuff sometimes.


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