Classic Rock Bottom

Who? Praying Mantis

When? 1996

Album title? To The Power Of Ten review? No.

To The Power Of Ten

1. Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
2. Bring On The Night
3. Ball Of Confusion
4. Welcome To My Hollywood
5. Another Time, Another Place
6. To The Power Of Ten
7. Little Angel
8. Victory
9. Only The Children Cry
10. Night And Day
11. Angry Man

Availability: Used for around $18, new for around $80.

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No review?

How about this... I have two copies of To The Power Of Ten. (I'm trying to see what kind of super Power will be bestowed upon me when I buy 10 copies of this album, I really hope they aren't just pulling my legs).  Yeah, I bought the second CD (exactly the same version) by mistake, however this is a darn fine album. Not only is this from the Dennis Stratton era, but we also have Gary Barden (MSG) on vocals.

The only complaint...
No Rodney Matthews cover. WTF!?

That's what throw me off. I would've remembered having this CD, if it had a Rodney Matthews cover.

Seems like you've posted this band before.  Using my powers of detection, I went back and checked. Sure enough, I was correct.  Reading back over my thoughts tells me that I thought fairly highly of the previous post.  

Once again, this is pretty good.  More melodic than I may have thought.  Killer geetar work.  This time, vocally, the singer does remind me of what I know of Bruce Dickinson from Maiden.  

The chorus on To The Power Of Ten sounds an awful lot like Paul Stanley on backing vocals.  The song overall has a big 80's Kiss feel.  

That last track sounds like Thunder (not the band from last week).  

Another cool post!


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