Classic Rock Bottom

Who? Axe

When? 2000

Album title? V review? No.


1. Intro
2. Magic (In Our Eyes)
3. Heroes And Legends
4. Sting Of The Rain
5. Life In The Furnace
6. Burn Me Once (Burn Me Twice)
7. Where There's Smoke There's Fire
8. Holding On To The Night
9. Anyplace on This Highway (Is Home)
10. Battles

Availability: Around $15 new.

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I don't think I listened enough AXE, back in the days.
They kind of flew under my radar.
Saw many of their CDs in discount bins, that kind of killed my desire to check them out, but..
The one CD I have in my collection is also a pretty decent release.
An underrated band.

Wow, that was recorded in 2000?  Sounds like an 80's recording to me.  In a good way.

I remember this band had been posted before.  Couldn't really remember what I thought.  I do know that I have picked up a couple of their LP's over the last few years.  Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to listen to any of them.

But that's a shame, because this is good stuff.  I spent the entire album trying to figure out what other band these guys made me think of.  It wasn't until the end that I figured it out.  Their style sounds a lot like Survivor to me.  The singer isn't as good as Jimi Jamison, but he is pretty good none the less.  

I'd love to find a couple of their CDs.  Everything I've seen on the internet is a bit expensive, so I'll keep waiting.  I am heading to Florida for vacation next month.  Maybe I can find some used stuff down there.

That last song is fairly epic...


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