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Hey, just thought I would start a discussion on Motley.  I'm very, very, very late to the party on this band.  First hears "Shout..." when it came out and was not impressed...not sure what turned me off to them, but never gave them another listen until "Feelgood" came out, and I did like that album...but kind of wrote them off after that.


Fast forward all these years later and I found the book, "The Dirt" at a thrift store for a buck, hardcover, in brand new shape.  Bought it.  Read it.  Loved it.


I located all of their albums from here and there, put them on my ipod and have been listening to them in the order they were released as I work out at the gym (totally off topic, but I've lost 11 pounds in two weeks...and need to lose another 68 pounds still...crap!!!).


Anyway, have really been enjoying their music.  Mick Mars is an unsung guitar hero.  If it really is him playing all the guitar parts, this guy is not good...he is great.  Heard the "Too Fast For Love" album for the first time, and for a debut album, it is killer.  Revisted "Shout..." and have a whole new repsect for came "Theatre of Pain" and that one too is a pretty great album.  Tommy Lee is a very talented drummer....makes the drums sing.  I am finishing up the "Girls..." album today, and will start on the "Feelgood" album before the day is over.


Just wondering what others think...the weakest link of the band to me is the vocals.  Vince is good, but sometimes his voice gets a bid whiney...and although I think Nikki is a great songwriter, I haven't noticed his bass playing standing today I plan on paying close attention to that aspect.


So, whadda ya all think?  What's your opinion of Motley?  I'm always surprised how time can change your perception of a band...and now, I'm a Motley fan...just wish they would make more new music...of course, I've not reached the Corabi version of Motley yet, nor the much badly-reviewed "Swine" album, or the newest one, "Saints Of LA" maybe my opinion will change again!


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Motley Crue is somewhat  "middle of the pack" for me.  I liked 'em more in the 80's than I do now.  But I wll say that I didn't buy the "Too Fast For Love" album until a few years ago, and it puts all of their other albums to shame, in my opinion.   It sounds so raw, like there wasn't a producer at all, and the songs rock. 


I think Shout At The Devil would be second for me, then maybe Girls. 


Dave, I think you hit the mark pretty well with your description.  I totally agree that Mick Mars is probably underrated.  And I am in very strong agreement with your remarks regarding Vince Neil.  He is not a good vocalist at all to me. 


I didn't care for Saints Of LA at all.  The lyrics were totally assanine and childish, and that's coming from someone who likes childish lyrics at times. 


I personally like Nikki Sixx's new side band Sixx: A.M.  The style is not like The Crue, but the songwriting is quite good and the vocalist is 100 times better than Neil.

I was thinking about checking out Sixx:A.M.....what is their style?  Part of the problem I think with a band like the Crue is that much of their music is based on sex, drunkeness, drugs, party, etc....and as you get older, well, you outgrow those "themes" somewhat...and to try and write those same things when you're in your 50' just doesn't go over as well.


Dave, go HERE if you wanna check out Sixx: A.M.  I featured their new album from earlier this year in New Music Corner.  Lyrically, it's a lot more "grown up" than Motley Crue.  And like I said, it's different stylistically.  I remember not really liking it on the first and second listen, but by the third listen, it has become one of my favorite albums this year.  You can listen to six songs total, the 4 that are in the regular playlist, plus on that page is a link to a bonus track that I added and a video that Niels featured in Videos Of The Week earlier this year.

I don't like Mötley Crüe. I think that the most talented in that band are Sixx and Lee, but I don't think, they are GREAT talents. I HATE Vince Neil's vocals!!! And I don't agree, that Mars is a good guitar-player. I'm surprised, that he still breaths. He has been looking like a zombie for decades now. I can't see, what should be so good about "Dr. Feelgood". For me it was another one of those crap-albums from around '89, that made me buy other music than rock, fx funk and jazz-albums . Thank god for Grunge!!!!

I like the track "Wild Side", but that's about it!! I haven't read "The Dirt", I'm waiting for the movie!!! 

Mars has a bone disease, that gets worse as he gets older...and the dude is 60!!!  He is at least three inches shorter than he was when the Crue started...his spine is fused, which is one reason that he hardly moves on stage...he can't move his body like the rest of us can...and this is what I love about forums like this...everyone has an opinion!  What one person likes, another hates...this is why music critics don't do much for's just one persons opinion...and thanks for yours...I appreciate all points of view...but I gott say, I cannot think of one grunge band that I like their music...not one...just never did anything for me.

Like Niels, I like grunge (to an extent at least), but he has to be the only living dude that would say "thank God for Grunge"...

....and I've said it quite a few times now. 
I've heard they are supposed to make it into a movie...not sure how they would do it...the book is split up into parts written by the different band members, with Nikki & Tommy writing more than the others, and Mick writing the least...and of course, the book is now 10 years old itself, so it is a little dated.  The movie would have to cary a heavy rating...NC17 or something like that...if not "X"...some of what is in there is hard to believe...but then again...

Put me in the middle of the pack bucket as well.  Although I do own their first 4 albums.  I prefer Too Fast For Love and Girls heads and shoulders above anything else they've done, then Shout and Theater.  I've always felt that Dr Feelgood was way overplayed and it still feels that way when I hear a track.


The best recommendation I would make for fans like me is the Greatest Hits package titled "Red White and Crue".  I was given that as a gift and it does contain some cool post-Feelgood pre-Saints of LA music.  For me thats more than enough Crue.  Ive never given any of their new stuff any consideration.

I do wanna make one more comment concerning lyrical content.  I don't have any problem with lyrics that deal with drugs (and I have never been a drug user whatsoever) as far as what they can do to your life.  I'm not really big on lyrics that glorify drug use just for kicks.  But I can't say I wouldn't listen to an like a song occasionally that may do just that.  Same thing with lyrics about sex.  I'm a grown man and I've been through all kinds of things so I just don't have a general problem there.  Hey, I love Kiss, but we all know Gene and Paul's lyrics can leave you scratching your head from time to time.  But SOLA has a song called "This Ain't A Love Song" (at least I think that's the title) that is just ridiculous.  Especially coming from men who were probably late 40's or early 50's when they wrote and recorded it.  And although I haven't heard the album since I wasted money on it, I seem to remember every song being somewhat the same.

One more thing Dave.  I think it's awesome the way you went back and got the albums.  I love to do that.  One band I have done that with is Black Sabbath.  I was never a fan growing up, never listened to 'em at all.  A couple of years ago I started collecting their catalog.  At this point I have all of the Ozzy and Dio albums, but most of the rest can be a little pricey. 


Two bands that are on my radar to do this with is Iron Maiden and Megadeth. 

Yeah, I did the same thing with Steely Dan...I had only on album (Can't Buy A Thrill), and a couple of years ago I rediscovered them and know have almost all their stuff...tastes can change with age.


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