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Hey, just thought I would start a discussion on Motley.  I'm very, very, very late to the party on this band.  First hears "Shout..." when it came out and was not impressed...not sure what turned me off to them, but never gave them another listen until "Feelgood" came out, and I did like that album...but kind of wrote them off after that.


Fast forward all these years later and I found the book, "The Dirt" at a thrift store for a buck, hardcover, in brand new shape.  Bought it.  Read it.  Loved it.


I located all of their albums from here and there, put them on my ipod and have been listening to them in the order they were released as I work out at the gym (totally off topic, but I've lost 11 pounds in two weeks...and need to lose another 68 pounds still...crap!!!).


Anyway, have really been enjoying their music.  Mick Mars is an unsung guitar hero.  If it really is him playing all the guitar parts, this guy is not good...he is great.  Heard the "Too Fast For Love" album for the first time, and for a debut album, it is killer.  Revisted "Shout..." and have a whole new repsect for came "Theatre of Pain" and that one too is a pretty great album.  Tommy Lee is a very talented drummer....makes the drums sing.  I am finishing up the "Girls..." album today, and will start on the "Feelgood" album before the day is over.


Just wondering what others think...the weakest link of the band to me is the vocals.  Vince is good, but sometimes his voice gets a bid whiney...and although I think Nikki is a great songwriter, I haven't noticed his bass playing standing today I plan on paying close attention to that aspect.


So, whadda ya all think?  What's your opinion of Motley?  I'm always surprised how time can change your perception of a band...and now, I'm a Motley fan...just wish they would make more new music...of course, I've not reached the Corabi version of Motley yet, nor the much badly-reviewed "Swine" album, or the newest one, "Saints Of LA" maybe my opinion will change again!


Keep Rockin'


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I found their box set (Citizen Steely Dan) somewhere for fairly cheep so I bought it.  It has all their studio albums on it, with the only problem being they aren't necessarily in chronological order.  I need to go through iTunes and make playlists of each album so that I can listen to the whole album. 

When they started I really liked them. Got "Too Fast For Love" when it came out, loved it so of course I bought "Shout At The Devil" (and saw them in concert at some rinky dink place outside in Texas with Axe and Heaven, even got me a headband!) and then came "Theatre Of Pain" which sucked.


Then "Girls, Girls, Girls" which I didn't bother buying at first because of the previous album. When I did, that too sucked.


Then "Dr. Feelgood" ....kick ass title song, rest of the album was eh. Too much airplay, kinda burnt me out.


Then came their opus "Motley Crue". IMHO (never wrong) it is the BEST Snotty Spew album. Period. Heavy. Dark. Great vocaist. 


"Generation Swine" sucks except for the song "Let Us Prey". Wicked song.


"New Tattoo"? Sucks.


And I am probably in the minority but I really like "Saints Of Los Angeles". To me it's their strongest complete effort with Vince Neil.

Great topic. To me, Motley are very hit or miss. Too Fast For Love is probably their most enjoyable album from start to finish, but Dr.Feelgood is a very good album as well. I probably am the only one on this board who feels this way but I love the album they did with John Corabi on vocals as well. It doesn't really sound like the Crue (which is part of the reason it bombed), but it is a good record. On the other hand, they have albums like Theatre of Pain that have maybe one or two good songs on them, and the Saints of Los Angeles. New Tattoo had some cheesy lyrics but at least the songs were fun.
Nope.  Jon likes it too.

Getting in late on this one, but for me, Motley is one of the bands I used to like a good bit, but have definitely gotten burnt out on, similar to my take on Foreigner. But, I liked all these releases: "Shout", "Too Fast", "Feelgood", "Theatre", and "Girls" was ok, especially the hits of that album.

I also liked "New Tattoo", because of 4 tracks that I think are very good: "Hell On High Heels", "She Needs Rock n Roll', "Punched In The Teeth By Love", and "Fake".

But my favorite of all their releases is "Motley Crue" with Corabi on vocals. Jon and I discussed that a few years back when I posted that I listened to it. It is very good, and pretty diverse to me.

"Generation Swine" is terrible. I liked one song.."Beauty"...but now that Jon posted a positive remark about the song "Let Us Prey", I plan on going back and listening to that specific tune. I have even made myself a note, stuck it in my pocket, so I wont forget to check it out. But mostly, that album is terrible, and has been played 2 or 3 times in all these years.

As far as band talent, I  honestly think only Tommy Lee is above average. Sixx may be a pretty good writer, but he is very basic on the bass guitar. Now, I did once read where Ted Nugent was giving major props to Mick Mars, so if Ted thinks Mars is good...well, then, he must be!

Vince Neil is an average singer, for sure. But, if you've never heard it, you should check out his very first solo album, after he left Crue. Called "Exposed" and released in 1993, I think this album cooks! And mainly because of the guitar work. Check it out, and you will soon realize just what a great player Steve Stevens is! He never really got to show off his chops with Billy Idol, but on this record, the guitar playing is fantastic, in my opinion!

So, anyway, never heard much from "Saints", and for me to ever buy another Crue release, I would have to  hear it first and be impressed. I do, however, have one great story to tell about my Crue experience.

Back in the late 80's (87, 88, whatever it might have been), I went to see the Crue headline in Atlanta. But the real reason I went was to see this brand new band I loved, opening up. A band by the name of Guns N Roses.

G-n-R hits the stage, and opens with a killer rendetion of "It's So Easy". Then, during the middle of the second song, one Mr. Axl Rose slams his mike down on the stage, and dives right into the first few rows of seats. Apparently, he has a friend in the audience, and the friend was getting into a scrap with some other fans. So Axl dives off the stage to help. Atlanta's finest arrest him right then and there. Or at least that is the story I heard later on.

So, the band finishes this second song, and nobody really knows what the hell is going on. So, they bring out a roadie, and they do Zeppelins "Rock n Roll", with the roadie singing. He cant really least not Zeppelin, so by the second verse the sound guy has the lead mike drowned out...on purpose I'm sure.

Then, Steven Adler does about a 5 minute drum solo...comes out from behind his kit, slams his sticks down on the stage floor, and walks off. Show over. Talk about a major, frigging dissappointment!

While the lights are up for the equipment change, I can see down a hallway at the back of the floor of the arena, as I am up in the second level. I see this door open on the side of this hallway, and an Atlanta cop comes out with Axl Rose in tow, with his hands in handcuffs behind his back! I can also see this hot young lady absolutely PLEADING with the cop. She must have been an assistant to the band, or a media relations person, marketing person, etc. But she has no luck.

Long story short, the Crue comes out, and Vince says he has no idea what the hell went on, but the Crue is gonna put on a great show for Atlanta this night! And they do! Motley was excellent that night, and I really think they made a band decision to play a great show, with a longer set, and energy turned up a few notches.

And if Dave or anyone has actually read down this far....great topic and post!!

Just finished my work out while listening to the Corabi vocal cd...very different, but very good.  Maybe one or two songs that I didn't care for, but overall, a great cd.  I think it did not do as well because of the change in the music climate towards grunge, and no one wanted to listen to a new Crue album...but I liked it.  Tomorrow it is "Swine" and then the next day I'll be listening to "Tattoo"...we'll see what I think then.  So far I get the impression that the "Swine" album is their worst.  One thing I have found out, working out to Motley is really gets me going.  I remember hearing the first Vince Neil album when it came out, but don't recall much about it...I'll have to locate it now.  Thanks.



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