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Okay, so what movies from the year 2011 have you seen? Want to see?


Well, so far that I can remember I've seen:


Get Low starring Robert Duvall about a hermit in the 1930's who goes about having a funeral party BEFORE his death. I'm not quite sure what I was expecting but despite my fandom for Duvall, I was disappointed in this movie.


Last night I went to theater and saw the movie Hanna. Saoirse Ronan was good in the title role but otherwise this movie was a let down as well. Cate Blanchett's southern accent was distracting, the quick cut camera editing was annoying and when the reason why everyone wanted Hanna was revealed, all I could think was that they kind of ripped off the comic book back story of Captain America a bit.


Other movies I'm looking forward to seeing are: Green Lantern, Thor, Conan The Barbarian, Fast Five and Beautiful Boy. The last one is about parents who hear about a shooting on a campus where there son goes to school, only to find out it was their son who did the shootings. I saw the trailer on On Demand and it looked intense.

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The thing about Red for me was that while it was a decent movie overall, it was a complete and utter travesty adaptation of a fantastic comic series/graphic novel.

The movie is TOTALLY different from the source material. Not slightly, not a couple of tweaks, TOTALLY.

I had no idea.  I guess that's why it worked okay for me.  Plus, John Malkovich (spelling?) was funny.
I liked Red as well as I thought it had a decent mix of action with a bit of comedy. I was aware that RED was a DC Comics property but had never read the graphic novel... same thing with The Losers, was aware it was based on a graphic novel but had never read it which is probably why I enjoyed the movie.

This is the basic plot summary (From Wikipedia, but it's relatively accurate) of the comic series.


"Paul Moses is a retired Agent of the CIA, formerly working in "foreign acquisitions". Living in a secluded area, his human contacts are limited to pleasant phone calls to his handler (who desires what she believes to have been Moses' type of work) and letters to a niece who lives in England.

Michael Beesley, the newly politically appointed Director of the CIA, is taken to Room R as part of his initiation, where he learns of Moses' existence and the full extent of his activities. Disgusted by what he has seen, and fearing public reaction should any of those secrets leak out, he orders the assassination of Moses.

A three man hit-team is sent to Moses' residence, and he kills them, recognizing the pattern of the attack and realizing his death has been sanctioned. He calls his handler only to learn that she has been transferred. He informs the Agency that his status has changed from Green to Red before leaving his house and going on the hunt."

I saw The Green Hornet on DVD last night. Not very good.
It starred Seth Rogen, that should've been your first clue.
You're absolutely right, but it also starred the Oscar-winning Christoph Waltz from Inglorious Bastards, and Cameron Diaz
There's the kiss of death...Cameron Diaz. She'd make a fine clown in a clown movie.
She's not particularly attractive to me...
If I had to, I'd take one for the team and date her, but there are hotter ladies out there lol
Neither makes me want to see the movie either.
Nah, not me either, although I would'nt mind to shag Diaz.


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