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Okay, so what movies from the year 2011 have you seen? Want to see?


Well, so far that I can remember I've seen:


Get Low starring Robert Duvall about a hermit in the 1930's who goes about having a funeral party BEFORE his death. I'm not quite sure what I was expecting but despite my fandom for Duvall, I was disappointed in this movie.


Last night I went to theater and saw the movie Hanna. Saoirse Ronan was good in the title role but otherwise this movie was a let down as well. Cate Blanchett's southern accent was distracting, the quick cut camera editing was annoying and when the reason why everyone wanted Hanna was revealed, all I could think was that they kind of ripped off the comic book back story of Captain America a bit.


Other movies I'm looking forward to seeing are: Green Lantern, Thor, Conan The Barbarian, Fast Five and Beautiful Boy. The last one is about parents who hear about a shooting on a campus where there son goes to school, only to find out it was their son who did the shootings. I saw the trailer on On Demand and it looked intense.

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I saw The Town on DVD yesterday, and I thought, it was pretty good.

I saw the documentary American: The Bill Hicks Story a couple days ago.


I was kind of disappointed because the film didn't really illuminate anything I didn't already know.

I saw the animated movie Green Lantern: Emerald Knights. It was decent. Much better than the Green Lantern: First Flight movie.

The wife and I went to see The Hangover II a couple of weeks ago.  It was just okay, somewhat funny, but not nearly as funny as The Hangover.


Also finally got around to renting The Fighter (Mark Wahlberg/Christian Bale) this past weekend.  It was a little slow to start, but we both liked it a lot overall.

Nice to know, 'cause I'm gonna see it next week.
Which one, The Fighter?
That's the one, yes.

I'm probably going to be "The Movie Guy" here as I see almost everything. I have a decent theater I go to usually about once a week to catch a movie or 2. To give you an example of how many movies I go to, of the movies playing at my favorite theater, I've seen 7 of the 9 movies playing... they actually have 16 screens but due to several of the films being shown on more then one screen, they only have 9 titles playing. I will usually see most of of the main movie releases unless they just don't interest me at all. On occasion I'll see something that isn't big budget like "127 Hours" or "Cedar Rapids" which were both good movies.

Anyhow, if any of you are interested, I like to write up reviews for the movies I see... been posting them on my Facebook page but if it was ok, I could post them over here too.

Please do.  I definitely don't go to that many movies any more, but it's because of time and monetary restraints.  I love movies and I'm very interested in reading reviews.  So post away right here.
Yeah, bring 'em on.

I third that!  Write 'em up...

I agree! Write them up!


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