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Okay, so what movies from the year 2011 have you seen? Want to see?


Well, so far that I can remember I've seen:


Get Low starring Robert Duvall about a hermit in the 1930's who goes about having a funeral party BEFORE his death. I'm not quite sure what I was expecting but despite my fandom for Duvall, I was disappointed in this movie.


Last night I went to theater and saw the movie Hanna. Saoirse Ronan was good in the title role but otherwise this movie was a let down as well. Cate Blanchett's southern accent was distracting, the quick cut camera editing was annoying and when the reason why everyone wanted Hanna was revealed, all I could think was that they kind of ripped off the comic book back story of Captain America a bit.


Other movies I'm looking forward to seeing are: Green Lantern, Thor, Conan The Barbarian, Fast Five and Beautiful Boy. The last one is about parents who hear about a shooting on a campus where there son goes to school, only to find out it was their son who did the shootings. I saw the trailer on On Demand and it looked intense.

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Yeah...DO IT!

Ok, here goes, starting off with the most recent ones I've seen:


X-Men: First Class

Have you ever wondered how the X-Men came to be? If you have then this is the movie for you. We start out back in the 40's where a young Erik Lehnsherr is separated from his parents at a concentration camp... as they are being separated, Erik's power's are exposed to a Nazi Dr played by Kevin Bacon. Bacon's character has the young Erik brought to his office where he simply wants Erik to do a simple thing, move a coin setting on the desk. When Erik has trouble doing so, his mother is brought in and Erik is given to the count of 3 to make the coin move.. or his mother will be shot. When he can't move the coin, the Dr kills Erik's mother which sends Erik into a rage and we get to see Erik's potential as he literally destroys the office. Elsewhere, a young Charles Xavier enters the kitchen of his home to discover his mother... except its not really her. He soon discover that its another mutant like him, one that has the ability to change her appearance. Her name is Raven but we know her better by the name she adopts, Mystique.


The CIA soon comes calling as a few agents have discovered that there are mutants out there that are working with the enemy and  hope that there are good mutants out there too and hopefully Xavier can help the CIA find them. Of course the CIA has come to the right person since he of course is a mutant. Xavier and Raven get hooked up with someone with the CIA that can help them find the other mutants and soon have their own team of mutants to help fight the good fight. Meanwhile, the Soviets have decided with a little help from Bacon's character, to send missiles to Cuba which of course was known as the Bay Of Pigs incident. The team is dispatched to try and save not only themselves, but millions of people too.


If your the average movie goer, your probably going to like this movie as its a pretty good popcorn flick... decent action and it will help connect some of the dots for those that have seen the other X-Men movies. Some that are more fans of comics or that are more traditionalist as far as comic stuff goes will probably find some fault here and there.


I'm going to give this film a 8 out of 10!

I have to say that I'm not much of a fan of the X-Men movies.  My wife likes 'em though, so I end up watching them with her.  If it was left up to me, I probably would not see this.

Super 8

It's 1979 and its been a tough winter for Joe Lamb, his mom dies in a tragic accident at a local factory. If it wasn't for his friends, his life would probably be in shambles... they help him keep his mind off his mom's death as much as possible, in part by having him help take part in a movie that one of his friends is trying to make for a film contest.


By the time summer roles around and the last day of school lets out, the guys are glad to be able to get out and do more work on the film. The film maker friend has a added surprise, he's asked a girl to play a role in his movie, a girl that Joe seems to have an interest in. Later that night, the young lady picks all the guys up and drives out to a old train depot where they are going to film a scene. After going through a quick rehearsal, they come to find that there is a train coming down the tracks and quickly set up to shoot the scene as the train going by will make for an extra special scene. As the train passes and the scene is getting shot, Joe looks over and notices that there is a truck approaching the train crossing. At first he doesn't think much of it but when he looks again, the truck is at the crossing and has now turned onto the tracks and is headed down them, toward the train. A major derailment happens and there are plenty of explosions and things flying everywhere. When everything quiets down, its a scene of carnage.. pieces of train cars laying all over the place.


In the days after the accident, strange things start to happen... all of the towns dogs disappear, to be discovered several miles away from town... mechanical items start to disappear as well.. microwaves, TV's, car engines even. People start disappearing too including the sheriff leaving Joe's dad in charge. Eventually the kids as well as a few parents including Joe's dad discover that its a large alien that is responsible for all the mysterious happenings in the area.


I heard several people refer to this movie as being sort of a combination of the Goonies, Alien and Close Encounters and I'd probably have to say that that is probably a pretty good analysis. Teenagers will like it as it deals with people their own age.... adults will like it because things like the soundtrack will remind them of their youth. Depending on how you feel about some bad language, that would be the only thing I would mention to parents thinking about taking the whole family as we'll just say that teenagers talk like teenagers do. Overall though I did enjoy the movie and can recommend it if your looking for a feel good movie.


I'm going to give this movie a 8 1/2 out of 10!

This is the one movie I want to see. However, most probably will wait for the BD. Unless I get me some free movie tickets.
This sounds like a good movie.  I'll eventually see it on DVD or On Demand.  Does anybody know if it's Rated R.
I believe its rated PG, basically just for the language... a few F words here and there, few other curse words and a slang reference to a female body part. can't drop any f-bombs in a PG movie and only 1 drop is allowed in PG-13 movies.

So, my life must be NC-17?

Yes, you are allowed many, many effs.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

On Stranger Tides is the 4th film in the Pirates Of The Caribbean series and again stars Johnny Depp and Geoffery Rush in their roles from the previous films while also introducing Penelope Cruz and Ian McShane into the Pirates world.


The film starts out with Capt Jack Sparrow in London, apparently on trial for crimes and misdeeds. As it turns out though, Sparrow has paid off the judge and with his trusty first mate, make a hasty escape... only to discovered the guy that was paid off to drive them to safety has instead taken them elsewhere... the palace. Jack ends up eventually in front of the King and to Sparrows surprise, Barbossa who is now working with the British. Sparrow also comes to find out that he's in London, looking for crew for a new ship.. one slight problem being that he's made no such request anywhere. Sparrow escapes again and after a chase through London, ends up face to face with Capt Jack Sparrow. The imposter turns out to be a former lover, played by Cruz who as it ends up is the 1st mate of the Queen Ann's Revenge... otherwise known as Black Beards ship.


The British, the Spaniards and Black Beard are all after one thing... the Fountain Of Youth. Each has their own agenda on why they want to be the first ones to get to it and see if the myth is true. They do discover that their is a downside to the Fountain... as it turns out, there are 2 silver chalices that are needed as well as the tear of a mermaid... and for one unlucky person... death as 2 people need to drink the water from the fountain using the chalices, the person drinking from the chalice without the mermaids tear gives up their remaining years to the person drinking from the chalice with the tear.


Overall the movie wasn't to bad... more or less what you'd expect from the movie. If you liked the other movies in the series you'll most likely like this one too, it just most likely wont be your favorite one in the series.


I'm going to give this movie a 7 1/2 out of 10!

I liked the first one, thought the second one was okay, but have never seen the third one.  Probably won't see this one either, but good review.

My brother was a gigantic fan of the first three movies. Almost obsessed level of fan.


And he saw this one over the weekend and essential said it was a bucketful of crap.


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