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I just saw 2 Coop shows. The first this year was in Toronto, May 21st w/ Zombie co-headlining. Cooper opened for Zombie this night which I was very surprised to see. I'll have to say that Coops performance wasn't the best I've seen. It just seemed too rushed. I mean come on, any time you plan on executing someone 4 times in one just hafta speed shit up I guess. Just really too much going on compared to past shows and I'm talking over 25 years of going to his shows.

Zombie REALLY nailed it that night though, with many stage props and antics being used which were direct copies of Coops earlier performances, but Zombie has never been one to shy away from admitting how much of an influence Copper has been to him and his shows.

They finished the night off with Zombie calling Coop out and them both doing School's Out which you can find a coupe different crowd shots on youtube. It is my understanding that this was the only night for the Gruesome Twosome TOur that they both got on stage together. Kinda all makes sense why Coop opened the show.

I even got the USB drive with that nights performance downloaded on it. It came with a keycode you had to use later on to DL the last few songs though. Great to have that show now in my collection.

The next show I saw was just last month in London for Hawk Rocks the Park. Hawk being a local radio station. This is a yearly event and Cooper has played there before (which I also saw) about 6 years ago.
This night HE NAILED IT. I was blown away at the difference in the 2 shows.  The whole crowd was on fire as well which I am sure helped. THis night everything really seemed to flow well.

A couple highlights were during Under My Wheels when Coop introduces the band members, he wandered to stage left and announces to the crowd "and your local boy, Patrick Kane" (I think that was his name, I don't watch hockey) but some hockey guy who plays for Chicago, and this guy comes out with the Stanley Cup hoisted above his head. The crowd went nuts as well as the band members. He handed the Cup off to The Coop who did his best to hold it up but you could see he was having a bit of a struggle with it. Even not being a hockey fan it was cool seeing the spectacle.

They closed the night with School's Out and brought out the guy who opened for him, non other then Peter Frampton. What an amazing job he did. He can really shred.

Anyways, that was the show and on my way out I stopped at the concession booth to see if they were doing the same USB drive as in Toronto but was told no. INSTEAD....they were selling a collectors leather wristband with a metal "Alice Cooper logo" clasp that pops apart and the one half has a USB drive in it containing.....get this....the best of performances from the Gruesome Twosome Tour, all in setlist order. It goes 1. School's Out (Calgary) 2. Dept of Youth (Vancouver) 3. i'm 18 (Duluth) etc. etc. Its pretty amazing. and only for $25 bucks.

Gotta love the Coop!

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Sounds awesome's too bad your not a big AC fan (ha,ha). I'd really like to see him before he wraps up the old career. I really liked his latest disc, so I'll definitely be buying his next one.

One other note, I think it's really cool that bands finally figured out they could sell soundboards of the shows and at least get a little of the bootleggers bank. I have no problem shelling out some doe for a soundboard with at least some artwork.

Good stuff, I have seen Alice I believe sixteen times through the years. He never disappoints.


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