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This one is pretty straight forward.  Although there is a lot wrong with modern rock music, there are still quite a few very good bands out there.  List 5 modern bands that you think are pretty good.  Mine are:


1. Shinedown - Hands down the best current rock band, in my opinion.  Brent Smith is a wonderful vocalist and songwriter.


2. Seether - For some reason, I can't think of the vocalists name right now, but he is also very good.


3. Fuel - The original vocalist (Scallions I think) is back.  I'm looking forward to a new album.


4. Nonpoint -  I don't think this band is that well known, but they are surprisingly good.  I'll feature one of their albums on Album of the Week eventually.


5. Five Finger Death Punch - A heavy group.  Sometimes the vocalist screams a little too much, but I still like them.  They covered Bad Company's song "Bad Company" on their second and latest album.

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,that is it,
1. Disturbed
2. Five finger death punch
3. Shinedown
4. Godsmack
5. Fuel
Lacuna Coil
System of a Down
White Stripes
Puddle of Mudd
Green Day

\m/ (>.<) \m/
I'm with you on Seether OneChick...
OOPS I just realized I totally broke the rules and listed ten bands. What a rebel.
1. Hellyeah (featuring Vinnie Paul on drums and Chad Gray doin vocals from Mudvayne. Southern heavy rock/metal)
2.Texas Hippie Coalition (more southern heavy shit....VERY good solid rockin tunes. Real powerful stuff)
3.Sign of the Southern Cross (Very southern, very heavy, very kick-ass)
4.Firebird (great production on their latest, good ole rock n roll which is deeply influenced by Budgie)
5.The Kings of Frog Island (some stoner/psych infused into good ole rock)

and cause I breakin' the rules...
6.Black Space Riders (they have the word "space" in their name....figure it out)
1. Shinedown
2. Five Finger Death Punch
3. Three Days Grace
4. Disturbed
5. Dope
6. Godsmack
OH Three Days Grace - good one.
The Sword

But is this mostly "throwback" music (except Filter) or Modern Rock? Discuss!


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