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New Music Corner #314 - L.A. Guns, Michael McDonald

By " one of these is by request" Scott

I fully expect push back on one of these, but I'm a fan, so why not post and see.  First up ...

L.A. Guns
The Missing Peace

  1. Its All The Same To Me
  2. Speed
  3. The Missing Peace
  4. Gave It All Away

and now the one you've all been waiting for...

Michael McDonald
Wide Open

  1. Hail Mary
  2. Just Strong Enough
  3. Too Short
  4. Free a Man

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L.A. Guns

I din't expect a Hair Metal band from Scott. Now he can't say this is not his thing (without coming off as a hypocrite). Expect loads of HaiR mEtAl posts from yours truly. I'm glad we finally found one style we both enjoy. L.A. Guns is my least favorite hAIr MeTaL band, but Speed was pretty good.

Michael McDonald

In the past I could say, I never heard of him. Now, I can't do that anymore.

I do like some, probably more like a lot, Hair Metal...  but it can get cliché especially when your talking about the latter part of the 80's.  But that said, this, which is more akin to Sunset Sleaze (a derivative) than Hair is pretty cool. My thing is uniqueness and a style done well is worthy of time spent listening.  Looking forward to your take on Hair Metal...

Do you consider the L.A. Guns unique?

If yes, in which way?

I consider LA Guns as a natural transition from Hair/Glam to the grunge scene, as I do most bands that broke out of the Sunset Sleaze genre in the mid-late 80's...  GnR, and Janes Addition also come to mind.

As the Hair bands of the early 80's got careless and predictable, these bands went out and hit the clubs with a heavier sound... so as the predictable bands faded away, these bands stepped into a small gap ... say 87-90?  ...  Not as influencers to grunge (though maybe they were, I don't care) but as a better alternative to hair/glam rock.

I think you are projecting into something more than it is. It's simply a Hair Metal. JA is grunge, but this is the first time I heard anyone adding GnR and LAGuns to the genre. Which is cool if you truly believe that, but that's where I feel you are projecting.

I have LA Guns 2nd and 3rd CD. Personally, I don't want to hear those CDs again. That might qualify for predictable, since I always thought they were the poor man's  (London) Quireboys and GnR wannabees.

At least, Speed sounds better than anything on those two albums I have. 

I thought JA was alternative...

I can't say I every listened to L.A. Guns back in the day.  I'm not really sure why I picked up their previous offering, but I did and I liked it.  This one will be in tomorrow and I have to travel (six hours driving time there and back) so I'll have some listening time then.  I'm looking forward to it.

Not really sure why I jumped into y'all's conversation, I just did.  I believe that is the first time I've ever spelled one word with two apostrophes.  That's pretty cool!

The more the merrier. That's the way we get to the bottom of something. Like for example, you are right: JA is Alternative. I don't listen to them so automatically, I went with what Scott suggested. (Don't care for grunge, but I can consume Alternative in small doses.) I think, I have one track from JA, if that's them on the DUDES soundtrack album, but I always skip that song.

However, I'm ecstatic that Hair Metal is making a comeback. I mean it must be, if Scott bought the lastest La Guns and RJhog is traveling six hours to pick up the CD. Either that, or the end of the world is near. 

Now I'm traveling 6 hours to pick up a CD by L.A. Guns?  I thought I was going to a meeting.  The world seems to be spinning out of control, I guess I better just listen to all my Kiss CD's so that all is right in the world.

Maaaaan. I thought you are driving 6 hours to pick up the LA Guns. Like when Amazon asks you at the check out, if you want to pick up your item. I had this cool image of you and your dedication. Now it's gone. You are just as mortal as we all are, RJhog.

I feel they were transitional bands, bridging one genre into another.  Nothing more, thought that were at the time and still think that.

L.A. Guns - Thumbs Up!

Probably gonna get this.  I've been thinking about it.  Almost pulled the trigger last night, but thought I'd wait and see if it got posted this weekend like I thought it would.  

First two songs are pretty strong.  Last two are very strong.  Seems weird though for two slow songs to close an album. Of course, that's assuming that you are sticking with the two opening and two closing tracks.  Either way, I like it.  Thought their last album was fairly strong as well.

The application of the "Woolery Law" is applicable in both cases this time...


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