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New Music Corner #314 - L.A. Guns, Michael McDonald

By " one of these is by request" Scott

I fully expect push back on one of these, but I'm a fan, so why not post and see.  First up ...

L.A. Guns
The Missing Peace

  1. Its All The Same To Me
  2. Speed
  3. The Missing Peace
  4. Gave It All Away

and now the one you've all been waiting for...

Michael McDonald
Wide Open

  1. Hail Mary
  2. Just Strong Enough
  3. Too Short
  4. Free a Man

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Michael McDonald - Thumbs Somewhat Up

This isn't bad at all.  I've always liked his voice.  Still sounds pretty strong here.  The first two songs are quite slow, but nice.  The second one is really bluesy.  Nice guitar work.  It goes a bit south with the third track.  The pace picks up, but the feel isn't as good.  Last track is better, but not great.  This isn't difficult at all to listen to, but overall it's not something that I desire to pick up.  

It gets better with each listen, much like his work with the Doobies...

LA Guns--Thumbs in the middle

Guess if it ain't broke, don't fix it? Something like that? Never was a fan before and this isn't changing anything. Hey, the title of that first song sums it up nicely, because it is! Well, at least they're still around, I guess. Lewis' voice annoys me. this an NMC dedicated to annoying singers? 

Yes, that's the theme this week!

MM--Middle thumbs....

....and it's for the music, not the voice. He sounded a bit ragged on the first song and then it started to sound like another person doing a bad impersonation of MM. It's almost like MM was trying to sound like MM. Gotta give props to the musicians, though. Nice stuff, especially tracks 2 & 4. But, man.....that voice.

I did not expect a middle thumbs from you on this one.  In fact, I was not going to post it at all as I thought it would get panned by everyone on here.  So this is cool to me!

I am a MM fan I liked him in the Doobies and I like his early solo stuff, I can do without all the covers albums...  So when I seen this album I gave it the old college try on Amazon Music and sort of re-discovered MM as a solo artist.  I like this album a good bit so it may break my top ten this year, maybe....

Listened to the LA Guns album today.  It's quite good!

I am a fan of hair metal and LA Guns was a pleasant surprise. This album is up there with their best stuff. In fact, it is such a good album, it almost made my Top 10 albums of 2017 list.

It will make my top 10.

Good deal. It definitely ranks right up there.


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