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What CD's or DVD's have you recently purchased?  And it doesn't have to be classic rock.  Let us know about any purchases that you think are worth sharing.

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I just got:

Tom Petty - Mojo
Y&T - Facemelter
Chris Caffery--House Of Insanity
Machines Of Grace--Machines Of Grace
How did you like these two albums?

I though MOG was great!
Caffery hasn't put out a bad solo album yet, pick it up if you don't have it already.

MOG, I liked the first half, but was listening to it when I was very tired so will have to revisit it again. Recently I'm on a "like only half the album" kick for some reason.
I listened to MOG again and it's growing on me. As well as Frampton new one. Fantastic album, liked only the second half before, but a must buy for any fans of Frampton.

If you have a moment, give my your pick of your 5 favorite MOG songs from the album, I have mine and we'll see if they match, and I'll post it on the new music corner when my turn swings around.
Ozzy Osbourne - Scream (I must be the only one who liked the original title, Soul Sucka)

Vince Neil - Tattoos & Tequila (Not that big a fan of Vince or Cover albums, so I'm not sure why I bought this one - oh yeah, the price and the front cover art)

Both CD's on sale for $7.99 this week at Best Buy.
Born On The Fourth Of July (Soundtrack)
Dazed And Confused (Soundtrack)
Urban Cowboy (Soundtrack)
Billy Joel - Piano Man
Bruce Springsteen - Born In The USA
Heavy Metal (Soundtrack)
Jim Croce - Time In A Bottle (Jim Croce's Greatest Love Songs)
What's with all the soundtracks???? Surprised you didn't have Heavy Metal already.
Lillian Axe--Deep Red Shadows
The Tubes--Goin' Down The Tubes
In This Moment--A Star-Crossed Wasteland
Lacuna Coil--Unleashed Memories (finally!)
Faith No More--Album Of The Year (had to find something cheap to hit 25 bucks for free shipping at Amazon)
Ozzy-Scream (it was on sale for ten dollars)-I was a big Ozzy fan back in the day, but I haven't really liked anything he has done since No More Tears (though Ozzmosis had a few decent songs) I keep hoping this one will get better, but it hasn't as of yet)

Jon, how is the new Lillian Axe album. That band was very underrated.
I should have it in a couple days, the release date is this Tuesday. If it's like their last 5, I'm not seeing any reason why I won't like it but will let you know.
New Lilian Axe is very good, listened to it a couple days ago. Got 5 new songs (one instrumental) and 4 acoustic versions of older stuff. Worth it for the 5 new ones even though the older tracks are good as well. I'll probably post it in a couple weeks when NMC comes my way again.


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