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Big Wreck--Albatross (February 2013)



What wasn't initially supposed to be a Big Wreck album, this became a Big Wreck album, their first in 12 years (11 if you live overseas). I've heard comparisons to Soundgarden, and he does sound a bit like Chris Cornell, but comparisons should end there. We're kind of running the spectrum here with hard rock, soft rock, jazz and hints of country. (NOTE: If you get the deluxe version, there's a few bonus tracks, two live plus a cover of a Cars song.)


1. Head Together

2. Wolves

3. Control

4. You Caught My Eye

5. Time

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First, I'll admit that I had never even heard of this band before about 2-3 weeks ago.  I got one of those free sampler CD's off of one of my final issues of Classic Rock Magazine that had a track from this album called Albatross.  I thought it was a pretty good song, so I checked 'em out on Amazon and picked up two CD's.  I've listened to bits and pieces of those and wasn't exactly blown away.  I thought the vocalist sounded a lot like Chris Cornell at that time, which interested me.  

As far as this goes, the first time through isn't blowing me away, but I like things about it.  I don't think the vocalist sounds as much like Cornell on this album except when he sings in really high register.  The first song is pretty good.  It sounds like something that might get some airplay.  

The best song is really killer, and that would be Control.  Top to bottom, that song is amazing.  It alone is making me rethink my decision to hold off on this one.  I have a 5 dollar coupon for Best Buy that may just get used on this.

Nice post.

I've never heard of this band until...NOW! But after one listen, I like it. Playing it again. I like how the sampling here is very diverse.

Dig how this first track has this quiet, soft intro, and then BAM! It gets loud and heavy. Very interesting intro to this tune. A lot of diversity just right here in this one song. And that's a good thing.

Track 2 really shows off the range of the lead vocalist. Quite a few really nice highs he hits on this track. And the first few seconds of the track sounds like some nice picking...almost like a banjo.

Tracks 3 and 4 continue the diversity. I really like the slow, bluesy, but heavy groove of "You Caught My Eye". Might be my favorite of the tunes posted here. But, I will say that the key changes and the vocal melody remind me very strongly of a ZZTop tune called "Breakaway" on their "Antenna" release. Very similar. But I dig this track 4 for sure.

Track 5 is the only track that does not hold much interest for me. But, overall, this is a solid listen. Can't "pigeonhole" this band!

Rjhog will tell you opposite, but hunt down "The Pleasure And The Greed". I think you'll like that one too.

I've been going back through the first two Big Wreck albums.  Jon, I give a slight edge to In Loving Memory Of... over The Pleasure And The Greed.  Both are very good, but the latter is just a bit too long (16 songs).  They should have split those albums up and could have released three instead of two.  But the songs Knee Deep, Ladylike and No Fault from The Pleasure And The Greed are really good.

Which brings me back to this post.  I like it more than I did the first time.  I stand by my statement regarding Control. That is just a terrific song, but I also hear what Gordon is saying about You Caught My Eye.  I even like the last track that Gordon didn't care for.  

I'm gonna get this, but I can't find the deluxe version you are referring to.  I'd love to hear the cover.

Click HERE for the deeeeluxe version.

Cool, I'll see if the local BB has it in stock.

Ok, so I saw this today, and decided to listen to it. As it started playing, it immediately grabbed my attention. Then, I started reading through the posts...only to discover I had already listened and posted. Which I had forgotten about.

But very glad to "stumble" upon this again. And like I said before, the diversity and different styles here are very noticeable, and impressive. This is being stongly considered for purchase.

I checked the local BB last night, and of course, nothing...I did notice that the Rock/Pop CD section is now down to a minute 16 feet of shelf space.  I would say that it had been about 28 ft, plus 16 feet of new releases.  I will not be surprised if BB is closed, in Augusta at least, by this time next year.

There are 2 BB's near me and they both very well, but neither of them are worth shopping for music at.

From what I've read, BB is slowly getting rid of music and movies in store, but will still have them online. Shipping is free, so might as well grab stuff there, especially something like this if you want the deeeeluxe version. It's only $9.99 so a pretty good deal.

Free shipping with no minimum?  Is that shipped to the store?  Do you pay online or in store?

Free shipping to home or you can do site-to-store. Either way you do need to pay upfront. No minimum either.


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