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Big Wreck--Albatross (February 2013)



What wasn't initially supposed to be a Big Wreck album, this became a Big Wreck album, their first in 12 years (11 if you live overseas). I've heard comparisons to Soundgarden, and he does sound a bit like Chris Cornell, but comparisons should end there. We're kind of running the spectrum here with hard rock, soft rock, jazz and hints of country. (NOTE: If you get the deluxe version, there's a few bonus tracks, two live plus a cover of a Cars song.)


1. Head Together

2. Wolves

3. Control

4. You Caught My Eye

5. Time

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Si senor.  Apreesh.


Where was I when this was posted?  Totally missed it!  oh well, here goes...

I think that "fuzz" geetar and "fuzz" bass sound is a fad lately.  I'm hearing it a bit more, maybe I'm listening closer though...  I don't know!  Anyway. not such a bad thing in this case because this has some real nice music to back up the trend. 


This is good stuff Sir Jon!  Going on my wish list for a second listen!

Yeah, thanks for missing this. Made me feel good. Rjhog and Gordon are now my true friends.

I never picked Albatross up, and it's back on my wish list.  I have possibly found a favorite "somewhat new" band.  I tried to listen to this sampler today but it just keeps cutting out, to the point that it's distracting.  Oh well. 

I'm surprised it still works. Maybe it was before they had limited space. Seems to work fine for me though.

Yep, after I skipped to track four, it works fine.

Can't find the deluxe version with the extra tracks on Amazon.

Preeshate it.

It's a buck less than on Amazon, but I'd have to pay shipping, which negates that.  I'll have to think on it.


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