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from "onesie, twosie, blue fish, green fish" Jon

Pinnick Gales Pridgen--Pinnick Gales Pridgen (February 2013)

dUg Pinnick, Eric Gales and Thomas Pridgen.....'nuff said!


1. Angels An Aliens

2. Hang On, Big Brother

3. Black Jeans

4. Been So High (The Only Place To Go Is Down)

5. The Greatest Love



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First song is killer.

Second song isn't as good.  Except for the guitar solo.  It rocks.

Third song is the weakest so far.  I hate Pinnick's vocal on this song.

Musically, it gets me really high, but vocally, it's just bringing me down.  The fourth track that is.

Like the verse on track five, but not the chorus.  Music rocks again.

Overall, I think I'm glad I didn't buy this.

Don't use the word "onesie" and "Jon" in the same sentence ever again please!


Hard to be critical of the musicianship because there is some really good geetar work in here coupled with really nice production one would think this has all the making of a great release.  But, I think it falls short on the song writing, it feel flat and I lose interest in the tunes before they are over.  Best example is "Been So High", the geetars are smokin'!  But the tune is uninteresting.


Best songs on here are the first and last, and I did enjoy the listening experience, once...

Man, I'm glad you posted this. Might be next week before I can listen, but I've been wanting to hear this. And I wont let RJHog's and Scott's opinions affect mine.

I'm diggin' it man! Got "Hendrix" all over it. Shades of Robin Trower, and other blues-rock greats. I do understand how you could "lose focus' with least it seems that the songs are pretty long. But I've loved Doug Pinnick ever since I first heard King's X. Soulful vocal style for me, and he sing's from the heart.

The guitar is pretty phenomenal here. If you really, really listen to this...I can guarantee you there is so much killer guitar here,,,well, put it this way...WHEN I get this...every time I listen to it,,,I know...I mean, i KNOW...I' gonna hear a different, really killer guitar part, that I didn't quite catch the last time I listened. I mean, it's really got a lot of lead guitar here!

So now, I'm listening again.

Track one - the main guitar riff is really kickin'. Lead fills from the "get go'. Vocal delivery on this is a tad different, and I can see takin' some "gettin' used to" it. But I think it's a real strong track, and a very interesting listen. Seems like a long song....but not in a bad way for me. Tricky ending!

Track two - already heard this, and I dig it! I like the chorus, and the guitar is tearing it up throughout the song! This guy don't want to stop playing!! And I don't blame him! Nice tones throughout. I like the "screamin'" vocals over the last few seconds.

Track three - this intro section is a nice change up  over what we've heard so far. I can only imagine this song's entire intro section will sound awesome through the home stereo. This track has that "intangible something" that just makes it be one of those "mood songs". Very intense track. Everyone shines on this. This young drummer is just killin' it on this track. Guitar lead over the final 90 seconds or so is just full of emotion and smokin' intensity!

Track four - after two listens through the post, this is my favorite song. Other "traditional style" blues songs can bore me, but this is just killer. Great way to start the song!!...a long a** lead. Great vocal work on this track! This guy on guitar should jam with Nugent!! But neither one would EVER stop playing lead! It's long...but damn what a jam!!

Track five - love the guitar riffing again...but I still feel this is the weakest track for me. But I still will not skip this track at all...enough good points to listen every time I spin it.

Overall, I'm very impressed with it. No question I'll add this to my collection. Thanks for the post Jon!


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