Classic Rock Bottom

Really, these are just leftovers from earlier in the year.

Sebastian Bach - Give 'Em Hell

1. Hell Inside My Head

2. All My Friends Are Dead

3. Push Away

4. Had Enough

5. Rock N Roll Is A Vicious Game

Mr. Big - ...The Stories We Could Tell

6. I Forget To Breathe

7. Satisfied

8. The Monster In Me 

9. East/West

10. Just Let Your Heart Decide

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Mr. Big ... Two Japanese thumbs up, but my American thumbs don't get it

I wondered about this one, thought it would show up in NMC about the time it came out.  Then I forgot about it.  I also think about the Japanese audience who love this band and I wonder what they hear that I don't.  Then I also recall hearing about how this guy was supposed to be a great great singer, and after that first track, I don't hear it...  I get the musicianship, tight and solid, production is nice, but songwriting isn't too interesting, at least for me.  Like the geetar©™℗℠Ω work on the 3rd track, but the vocals kind of spoil some promise.  Liked the feel of East/West but I'm struggling with the vocals yet again, I think they are distracting, again probably just me.  More of the same with the final track.  Great musicianship, so-so songwriting, and vocals that are distracting.  Eh...

Is that Jon on the Mr. Big cover?

You know I'm more like the sexy beast on the cover of Sebastian's album....

Sebastian Bach--Thumbs 3/4 Up

This rocks with the first two tracks and then comes the horrid third track. Thankfully it picks back up with track #4 and then there's the obligatory of an........April Wine song? I don't recall anyone else doing an April Wine cover, but there's gotta be someone, right? A little surprised that this is actually good (minus the one track), but I think I liked his previous album as well.

Mr. Big--Thumbs 3/4 Up

Would think with someone elses review that this would be horrible, but it's not. Another surprise here, this doesn't bore me at all. Have to admit that I listen to Mr. Big for Paul Gilbert, and he doesn't let me down here. Don't know what the other poster has regarding Eric's voice, but I think it sounds quite good. This does sound like an 80's album, especially with track #9 as the obligatory power ballad, but it really isn't that bad. But......track #10 sounds like a bad 80's power ballad so I need to dock this some.

I bought the Sebastian Bach a while back, and I like it. Bought it without hearing any of it, because his last one, "Kicking And Screaming" was/is so damn good. This one is too, although "Kicking" is still better in my opinion. I don't believe Sebastian is missing his ex-Skid Row band mates at all. Good stuff, and ummm....he'll be bach.

Very glad to hear the Mr. Big, and it is a definite purchase for me. When you have Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan doing the axe work, it's almost guaranteed to be good. I have always thought Eric Martin was a great singer, so I'll have to disagree on Scott about that. I do hear, especially in the 1st and last tracks presented here, that he seems to be singing in a much lower register than the highs he has proven in the past he can hit. But the middle tracks all sound "normal" to me in the vocals. But other than Ronnie James Dio, I cannot think of a singer who has not lost range as they age. I think it's inevitable for almost all singers to lose a little something as they age.

Great choices!!

SEBASTIAN BACH ...  Two Thumbs two-thirds up!

I had Rock and Roll is Vicious Game queued up for this week SHT posting, but thanks to this I had to make a last minute adjustment.  No worries though, First Glance is a perfect album so any other track works fine.  Now to see if Bach kept true the original or blasphemed it!  First up though, is Hell In My Head - Better than I imagined, seems to be a pattern with his solo stuff, better than expected.  Chorus is the lifesaver on the track though, nice melodic feel to it and his voice sounds strong.  All My Friends Are Dead, well that's a pleasant thought isn't it?  Not as interested in this track, kinda of flat tune until the double bass thing breaks the flatness but doesn't lift the song up, now the geetar©™℗℠Ω work during these double bass breaks is really swell!  Peachy keen even!  Needs more of that!  Push Away was off to nice ooey-gooey melodic start and while the sound is actually pretty good it kind of meanders until the geetar©™℗℠Ω kicks back in and lifts it up.  Nice track overall but could've been better with more of that geetar©™℗℠Ω.  Had Enough, Bach can write a nice melody and a nice chorus, this is a slick track!  Best one so far!   This geetar©™℗℠Ω player needs more showcasing!  He's really good!! 

Now onto a perfect track from a perfect album.  I gotta say his vocals sound a but nasally and not nearly as passionate as Goodwyn.  While he does stay kind of close to the original, its way too understated and feels rushed.  After all its a VICIOUS game not to be confused with understated.  Kind of disappointed with this cover.  But I must say the overall listening experience was far better than I expected!

I can't stand Bach's vocals now.  I think he's lost range (not a criticism if he has), but it sounds to me like he's trying to hold back while singing high.  He didn't do that on I Remember You.  It just is a really big turn off for me.


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