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by RJ"I've got 3, started to post 2, decided to go with 1"hog...

Foo Fighters - Concrete And Gold

1. T-Shirt

2. Make It Right

3. La Dee Da

4. Arrows

5. Sunday Rain

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Been holding out for this post...  Ill check it out in the a.m.

Foo Goo Fighter Dolls-----.......wait for it...........wait for it........wait for it................THUMBS DOWN.

That first track is a complete waste. Mellow and then loud? Gee, never heard THAT before.

Second song is allright. Reminds me of Everclear though. Decent, but nothing new.

Third song is another waste.

Fourth song sound like typical Foo Goo Fighter Dolls. Therefore, not good.

Last song is a little bit interesting, sounds like The Beatles. I kinda of dig this in a way then have to remind myself who it is and, unbelievably, am still a little interested but it gets quite repetitious towards the end.

Of course I won't buy this. Overrated band. One song isn't going to change my mind about 'em. 

Read somewhere that they went prog? This isn't prog.

Thumbs almost fully up...

I like it, but I have to say I am disappointed in the mix, the drums are weak here and that's always been something I like about the band, that they are sonically powerful.  Maybe I've been primed a bit by the pop-tinged Steven Wilson album, the pop on here can be heard best on Arrow but I like that!  This will remain unpurchased for now, but at some point I'll likely pull the trigger on this even if this and its predecessor are not the strongest efforts of the band..

Yet another FGFD apologist.


For my sake you should have posted 2 albums.

I believe people post here what they like, (it's absurd to think otherwise) and as such I don't want to say bad things. It's easy to write something nice about the songs, if I also happen to like the music. It's not hard to sunder, if I can find any part that will appeal to my taste... but man, You left me speechless, with this one.

Well, at least I'm looking forward to not 1, but 2 albums you kept for another week.

How's that for a positive attitude?  

(P.S. If more smiley faces are in order, that can be accommodated.)


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