Classic Rock Bottom

by RJ "last time it was country, this time it's blues" hog

Rick Springfield - The Snake King

1. In The Land of the Blind

2. The Devil That You Know

3. The Snake King

4. Blues For the Disillusioned

5. Santa Is An Anagram

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Is this blues? I've read it mentioned as blues elsewhere as well and I'm not really hearing any bluesiness? It's pretty decent but I expected, well, the blues. The first song kinda sounds like Johnny Cougar Melonhead. Well, it's better than decent but it's kinda not what I expected, except for the second track which is more bluesy than the others. I'll give it a thumbs up.

To me, this is totally different than anything he's ever done.  The hooky choruses that I really dig from him are practically non-existent.  And this sounds more bluesy to me than the last one sounded country.


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