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by RJ "everybody loves Canadian rock bands, right, and it says 9 songs but the last six are part of an album closing medley" hog

The Sheepdogs - Changing Colours

1. Nobody

2. I've Got A Hole Where My Heart Should Be

3. Saturday Night

4. Medley: I) Born A Restless Man

5. Medley: II) The Bailieboro Turnaround

6. Medley: III) Up In Canada

7. Medley: IV) H.M.S. Buffalo

8. Medley: V) Esprit Des Corps

9. Medley: VI) Run Baby Run

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The Sheepdogs--Thumbs Up

Even though this turned country, I mean REALLY country, towards the end, it was still enjoyable. The lead singer sounds like Burton Cummings and this sounded like something from the 70's. Tons of influences here from The Guess Who to Joe Walsh and sometimes that's not really a bad thing. As for the country, there's been a Tanya Tucker song making its way around our household for the last couple of weeks, a certain song that's been stuck in our heads so deeply that I had to get a Tanya Tucker album. Now the woman likes the Helen Reddy version better (which I have) but felt like I needed to round out my collection a little bit more with some TT.


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