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The Dead Daisies - Burn It Down

1. Resurrected

2. Burn It Down

3. What Goes Around

4. Set Me Free

5. Can't Take It With You

Myles Kennedy - Year Of The Tiger

6. The Great Beyond

7. Blind Faith

8. Devil On The Wall

9. Turning Stones

10. Mother

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Dead Daisies--Thumbs in the middle

Wasn't expecting much here and that's pretty much what I got. Just straight out rock, but nothing really new here. Have a tendency to repeat the verse over and over which is a bit annoying. Don't remember what I thought of other DD albums, but this isn't anywhere close to a purchase since nothing stands out.

Myles Kennedy--thumbs down

This just flat out bored me. Know some people here really like him, but he just has really never done anything for me. It kinda sounds like he's trying too hard here with his singing, like he's trying to force it or something. 

Man, the way it's going I'll be lucky to end up with 10 new albums this year. But, it's only April..... 

"Man, the way it's going I'll be lucky to end up with 10 new albums this year. But, it's only April..... "

Same for me.  

I already have 4 new CDs and another 5 are on their way as we speak, which is above the average for me at this time of year. With 2 future releases I'm looking forward too, it's safe to say 10 will be no problem for me, even though I'm really trying to restrain myself after that Wishbone Ash box-set drained me out.

Oh man, you got the WA?  Jon is a huge fan and really has introduced me to WA.  I'm not what you would call a major fan, but I have liked what I have heard.  It looks like a killer box!

I have picked up 11 new releases so far, but 2 of those are country and 1 is the reissue box of Kip Winger's solo albums.  So 8 to rate so far.  I think you probably do a better job of picking up stuff that you know you'll like.  I tend to go out on a limb with several purchases.  Out of those 8, only Judas Priest and The Sheepdogs are on my Top 10 radar at this point.  I guess it's still early though.

Who didn't get the WA boxset?

Did we talk about this before?  I can't remember.  But I'm jealous of both of you for getting it.

The Dead Daisies

In today's world where Frontiers is spitting out Super Groups faster than you can say "split", the trend lost it's appeal. I get more excited when a great new act comes along. Most of the things you'd expect from DD are there. Great playing, decent production, but what they lacked on their first three releases was a great song. Unfortunately, big names under same roof does not guaranty they will click together and that is how I felt about DDs previous work. It was even a surprise to me that I wanted to listen to their new album, however the surprise turned somewhat positive. Few songs like: Rise Up, Can't Take It With You and Leave Me Alone might be a sign that they are destined for great things together, but they aren't there yet. Therefore...


Myles Kennedy

There are about three singer-songwriters that I respect and like probably more than any band. For the rest of them it's a battle uphill to get into my grace, but I do enjoy listening to these projects even if they seldom translate into a purchase. From the cover I expected an insipid, Man and His Guitar sound to dominate the album and for majority of these tracks, that's exactly what I got, however "The Great Beyond" has an interesting instrumentation. Regrettably, it's a fluke. Not having any previous interest in Myles' career, this blip too will soon fade off of my radar, but the avid fans of Mr. Kennedy should find merit in his newest solo project.


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