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The Motels--The Last Few Beautiful Days (March 2018)

1. Punchline

2. Lucky Stars

3. Machine

4. Tipping Point

5. Criminal

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The Motels

Another band I only heard of. Well, maybe I have one or two songs from them on one of those One Hit Wonder compilations, but don't ask me which one.

Sounds a bit like K2 to me, without the guitars and other prominent instrumentation. Maybe New Wave-ish? Although, there is very little individual New Wave albums in my collection, I do like to listen to the music of the 80's and not just the hits. This is pretty divers even if it isn't overly original. A nice listen indeed and the "Tipping Point" could be that One Hit Wonder I would expect from a New Wave band. Therefore...


So the Motels are still around huh?  Let me just say that the lady (Martha Davis?) can still sing quite well.  She has a very sexy voice.  That much has not changed.  Didn't she play bass too?  I wonder if she still does that.

Anyway, this was a good listen.  It was an easy listen.  Nothing at all here made me want to turn it off or hit the stop button or change channels.  I liked all of the songs, but there was just one thing that can be considered a negative.  Even though the songs were good, none of them were great.  Nothing really hooked me.  

So, with that being the case, I guess my verdict would be:

Thumbs Even

At the time The Motels recorded the video for 'Suddenly Last Summer', Martha Davis was the sexiest woman of the 80's... Sultry, mysterious, exotic, etc...  Then they disappeared.

I'm a fan still even though that moment has long passed.  Her voice hasn't aged at all, thats a such good thing.  And it seems they've kept that new wave edge alive a bit here as well.  I liked almost everything here which means I need to checkout the rest.


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