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Spock's Beard - Noise Floor

1. To Breathe Another Day

2. Somebody's Home

3. So This Is Life

4. Box Of Spiders

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In the past I tried to rate New Music on a dissected spectrum that can provide better insight to the quality of the album and I was WRONG. Boy... Was I WRONG! What I did was, essentially, fine tune the assessment of a product not tested before or previously rejected in my extensive research.

Not cool. Because, a while before the fine tuning took place, I made a very simple and conscious decision to either buy the CD, or most often, not to buy the CD. Netflix recently changed their rating system to Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down, from a 4 star rating. All they want to know is; Are you going to recommend the film to others, or not? Based on the same ideology, the record company's are only interested weather you are going to buy the CD, or not? It's Black and White to them, and who am I to deny the clear answer? Nobody likes the critics. They are bunch of morons who CAN'T do the things they scrutinize, quite often armed with horrible taste and biased agendas. Like I said... Morons.

Well, I'm not one of them. Going forward, I will fully embrace this new system. The way it's going to work for me is like this:
If something posted here I already own = It get's a Thumbs Up!

If something is posted here I haven't heard before, BUT the samples will make me place an order for the same album = It will get a Thumbs Up!

For any other shape and size of: I'm NOT buying this pile of crap = There is the Thumbs Down! Simple as that.

Let's test it on... Spock's Beard - Noise Floor:

Thumbs Down!

SPOCKS BEARD … THUMBS EVEN (and that’s generous)
I really wanted to pull the trigger on this one early. But the video and song they pre-released dictated that I hold back. My curiosity never went away though, especially when Niels gave it a favorable review. That should make anyone on this site take note (I kid… or do I?) … But I still waited to hear some Amazon Music/iTunes samples but those were uneven and gave me the impression that the album was way mellow. The title track helps dispel that a bit here. But ‘Somebody’s Home’ slows it down, but in a nice way. The song has cool feel to it, so Niels may be right again this one may grow on me. Then ‘This is Life’ slows it down yet again. It has some moments, all centered on the lead guitar work, but they are few and far between. It was an off-balance listen, I liked it and then I didn’t and then I did again. Not sure what to think of this album… No way ‘Box of Spiders’ can be anything other than prog right? And it is, but it’s a standard fare instrumental, I lost interest int this one about two minutes in, it caught my attention again with some of the keyboard work in the final 2 minutes but I think I’m still on the fence! This was a bit of strange experience for me, not sure why, but I’m going to heed Niels advise and assume this is a grower, so I need to revisit this …

Wait a minute! No, you don't kid. And I don't kid either.

It IS a grower, and the songs are pretty good, and the album get's better near the end.

I'm not really a SB-fan, in the way I'm a NMB-fan, and I actually have the chance to see SP live later this year, but I think I'll pass. 

I'm still annoyed by the singer, mostly by his appearance, but he's not that good a singer either. They could had done better.

It's funny you write, that you lost interest, and then suddenly some Keyboard work caught your attention later on in the same song. A few of the songs has that effect on me as well. Not really keyboard, but the songs seem to be a bit boring (it's been quite a while, since I've been around her, so I thought a "boring" should be in it's place), and then suddenly something interesting happens, and the songs sounds good to me. That's in the begging of the album, or should I say the actual album, because the bonus tracks are the best songs on "the album".

I'm still not sure, how good I think this album is, and I did listen to it yesterday after a week or two without listening to it, and it wasn't THAT great, but I feel like I'm not really done with it.

Sadly, this album might just be the best one in 2018 so far. Sadly, I say, because in the last couple of years it wouldn't had been in top 3, and those years weren't that great either.

I still may not pull the trigger on this one...  So it may not make my list unless its in my collection...  Is that a rule?

SB-Thumbs maybe around 3/4 up

I expected lounge music with how some person was saying how mellow this was. It really wasn't, but can't really say much about the vocals, they just seemed off. Otherwise this was pretty good, but it doesn't warrant a purchase. Stuck at eight new albums this year so a top ten should be pretty easy. Of course it's only July so who knows.....

Dont see much on the horizon either...


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