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The numbers have been crunched and we have an official ballot.  I will post it below.  There are ten artists eligible for nomination based on the names that members submitted to me.  Your job now is to put the ten artists in order from one to ten, with one being the artist on the list you'd most like to see inducted and ten being the artist on the list you'd least like to see inducted.  Once I have all of your ballots back, I'll once again crunch the numbers to see which five artists will be inducted in 2017.  

I'll also post the top 3 nominees for the Legend Award.  You'll need to number them one to three using the same concept as above.  Remember, you must number them so that I can assign them points.  The artist that receives the most points will receive the Legend Award.

Voting will remain open until next Sunday, July 2nd.  All members are allowed to vote, regardless of whether or not you participated in the nomination process.  I would prefer that you message me with your voting list in the spirit of surprise, but I will count any voting lists that are posted on the thread.

CRB Hall of Fame Nominees (in alphabetical order):

The Allman Brothers Band

Pat Benatar

Electric Light Orchestra

Jethro Tull



Ted Nugent


Bob Seger


Legend Award Nominees (in alphabetical order):

Greg Allman

Chuck Berry


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1. Yes
2. The Allman Brothers Band
3. Bob Seger
4. Scorpions
5. Metallica
6. Electric Light Orchestra
7. Ted Nugent
8. Pat Benatar
9. Jethro Tull
10. Motorhead

Legend Award Nominees (in alphabetical order):

1. Greg Allman
2. Chuck Berry
3. Prince

Working all the time stinks! I have no the me got anything! I was compiling my list of nominations, but seems I missed the deadline. For the record, my list would have looked something like this, but nothing now but the voting.
1. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
2. The Police
3. Boston
4. Kansas
5. Chicago
6. Credence Clearwater Revival
7. Yes
8. Electric Light Orchestra
9. The Allman Brothers
10. Supertramp

If you would have gotten your nominees in on time, it likely would have pushed Seger and Nugent out and added TP&TH's and Kansas.

1. Yes
2. The Allman Brothers
3. The Scorpions
4. Electric Light Orchestra
5. Bob Seger
6. Pat Benatar
7. Metallica
8. Ted Nugent
9. Jethro Tull
10. Motörhead

. Gregg Allman
2. Chuck Berry
3. Prince

1. Jethro Tull

2. ELO

3. Metallica

4. Scorpions

5. Yes

6. Ted Nugent

7. Mötorhead

8. The Allman Brothers

9. Bob Seger

10. Pat Benetar

1. Chuck Berry

2. Greg Allman

3. Prince (you've got to be kidding??? Prince instead of Chris Cornell??!! I really though this was a classic ROCK site)

I had John Wetton as my #3

I'm sure Sinead O'Connor is not pleased about his nomination either.

Voting is closed.  Class of 2017 will be revealed shortly.


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