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This one is fairly straight forward.  List your Top 5 albums that feature Ronnie James Dio.  These are not confined to Dio albums (for example, Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Elf albums are eligible).  Anything that he fronted basically.  Here are mine:

5. Heaven And Hell - The Devil You Know

4. Rainbow - Long Live Rock 'n' Roll

3. Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell

2. Rainbow - Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow

1. Dio - Holy Diver

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5. Dio - Sacred Heart

4. Dio - Magica

3. Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow

2. Rainbow - Rising

1.  Dio - Holy Diver

CRAP!  Can believe I forgot Black Sabbath...  Revising!!!

5. Dio - Magica

4. Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow

3. Rainbow - Rising

2. Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell

1.  Dio - Holy Diver

Now we are talking! Dio is definitely in my Top 5 performers ever.

1-Black Sabbath-Heaven and Hell (no disrespect to Ozzy but this is the greatest Sabbath album ever in my opinion)
2-Dio-The Last in Line
4-Dio-Dream Evil
5-Dio-Holy Diver

As much as I love Sabbath (with Ozzy) I think I loved what Dio did with Sabbath even more.

5. Dio - Dream Evil

4. Rainbow - Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow

3. Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell

2. Dio - Holy Diver

1. Dio - Magica

5. Black Sabbath--Heaven And Hell

4. Rainbow--Rising

3. Rainbow--Love Live Rock 'n' Roll

2. Dio--Holy Diver

1. Black Sabbath--Mob Rules

Black Sabbath - Mob Rules

Black Sabbath - Live Evil

Dio - Holy Diver

Rainbow - Rising

Dio - Master of the Moon

C'mon Danno, which one is first and which one is fifth?  

really now. I have to hold your hand everytime? Mob Rules is no.1, lol

Thanks for being a sweetie and holding my hand.  I got it now.

This Top 5 list is official.  Here are the results for the Top 5 Albums Featuring Ronnie James Dio:

5. Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Rainbow

4. Mob Rules - Black Sabbath

3. Rising - Rainbow

2. Heaven And Hell - Black Sabbath

1. Holy Diver - Dio

Ok, as usual, I'm way behind everyone else. But, even though this game is, I wanna play !! So here goes:

1) Holy Diver - not only Dio's greatest work (and that is saying a lot), but one of the greatest rock albums of all time, IMO.

2) Mob Rules - the best of some great work with Sabbath.

3) Rainbow Rising - short, but sweet. Great album, one of my favorite album covers.

4) Rainbow - a little sparse on production, perhaps, but still a great album. Like the slower tunes just as much as the rockers on this one.

5) Heaven And Hell - some classic tracks on this one.

Honorable mention - Long Live Rock N Roll, and Killing The Dragon (Doug Aldrich shines on this one as does Ronnie - R.I.P.)


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