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Okay, I've got another idea for you.  I'll start this off by posting a song.  Another member will rate the song that I post (use any rating system you want, it doesn't matter) and then post one of his/her own.  The only catch is the next song title should begin with the same letter that the previous song ends in.  And feel free to share what you like or don't like about the song you are rating.  And please, don't rate it if you aren't gonna post another song.  That's the whole idea here.  Lastly, post  hidden gems or well known songs.  It's up to you.  Sounds easy, right?

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I see.

Yeah, yeah, nice song. I'll give it 5 out of 10 old grannies.

The letter is "G":

I will give this 8 cookies, very slow build and then he growls. It's Devin, so I like it, of course. 

The letter is "O".

That song is cool, I'm giving it 9 howls.

New letter is "L"...

Looks like this thread stopped for no apparent reason.
Let me fix that.

Black Tide - Light From Above
Never heard of this band.
According to my sources, the song emits 0.5 candelas on the scale of Luminous Intensity.
So... what do you get when you play this song backward?
Light From Below?

Now, that's Satanic.
Parents Music Resource Center should be all over this one.

New letter is "e"...


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