Classic Rock Bottom

Going out with a BANG.
My Podsnack membership is ending in a couple of days. Not sure what does that mean for the podsnack, but I heard they are closing. So, there is that.

This also means we reached the end of the Late To The Party series. I guess we never caught up. And as such, it's time to reflect on the past and what it was like to be in the presence of these, other Classic Rock Bottom feeders.

Let's start with Niels, and TageRyche. All this time, they had nothing to say to me. So I won't waste my breath on them, either.

RJhog, did a fine job ignoring my posts from day one and as time progressed, he only got better at it. I don't blame him. If anything, I think him and I are the opposite sides of the same coin. The same coin being our mutual respect for KISS... And that's where similarities end. He is what I call a Top 40 chaser... And I'm not. So, it's no surprise we did not click... On each others posts.

The graffiti artist a.k.a. Mike Pell, stopped by from time to time and tagged my posts, with his usual signature of "I never heard of these songs before." and left without listening to them. Well, I guess that's the equivalent of "(insert your name) Was Here!"

And then there is Scott. Where should I start. Perhaps from the beginning, because that's when he was the nicest guy around here. Later he turned out to be this "America above all" dude who only praised the artists from America and trashed everything else. In fact, the non American bands were lucky if they got compared to Benny Hill. Well, I hope he finds his way back from the dark side, because I miss the old Scott.

Jon stretched my otherwise stretched out shopping list on multiple occasions to include few CDs he posted. Not cool, dude. But they were all cool releases, (I haven't heard of or listened to before) so, all's forgiven. I like his willingness to explore and highlight music which well deserves the attention, but for one reason or another they never got it. Yeah, Baby!! That's what the internet is all about. The little guys, not the horses already bludgeoned to death.

Now, the SONGS.
After all, that's the main reason we are here. This is the collection of my favorite tunes, I haven't got chance to post yet. There is something for everyone. Heavy Metal, Rock, Reggae, Prog Rock, Space Rock, Avant-Garde, Doom, Classic Rock, Hip-Hop, Melodic Metal, Hard Rock, Pop-Rock, Disco, Electronic Rock, Folk Rock, Metal Folk, and everything in between.

click on the link to initiate the countdown:

And as they say...
Then There Was None.

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I'm on song #21. 79 more to go and it will take me _______ to finish this. I'm just guessing so I could be a little bit off.

Wait a tic!!!  I'm still the nicest guy around here!  But ya, I'll admit to having a very American bias towards the music I like, afterall I am an American.  My view of international music has always been very British, Canadian and Australian for the most part, I don't recall hearing much of any other countries imports, sure we had ABBA, Krokus, Scorpions and the like but they were not the majority rule here.

53, so.........47 to go?



#83 was bad. Don't need none of that hippity-hoppity "music".

And after almost three months, I have completed it ALL!


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