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This I dig.  Smash!

You know, I gotta give credit to UKJ for being much better than I thought they were after shoving them to the back due to their first album and to Chris C for recommending "Menace To Sobriety" which is one hell of a killer album. This song is simple, but rocks (was that a nod to AC/DC with that geetar part?) and it sucks you in right from the start. I'm going SMASH. 

Amen, rock brothers! This track is freaking killer! Everything about it...vocals, guitar,drums, production. Even the video is pretty good...a little weird maybe, but still good! UKJ puts some humor in everything they do!

But Jon, Jon, my friend!! I've been raving about "Menace To Sobriety" for several years now! I found it at the used CD store for like $4 bucks, and I'm so glad I bought it without ever hearing it. "America's Least wanted" is also a good, fun record you should check out! But even though I haven't posted on the "What are you listening too" thread in a long time, I'll bet you $5.00 if you go back through the pages you'll find me commenting on "Menace".

Thanks for posting this! I dont know the details of what this track will be on, but I'm gonna buy it!

Yeah, but who listens to what you have to say? Next you'll be asking me to check out Big Jim Slade.

Yeah, but then you went and got the wrong Big Jim Slade CD!


STASH, I can't see me wanting to listen to this again... ever...


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