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Each network announced their plans for the 2013-2014 TV season this past week.

I'm writing a series of articles on each network and their offerings.

The first one covers The CW and is now online via this link!

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I hope they get Hell on Wheels better, because Season 2 was not all that great.

Respectfully disagree.  But I want Lily back.

I think that will be impossible.

A fellow can dream, right?

Yes I suppose that is okay. LOL

I am not particularly impressed with this season's lineup, though I do look forward to James Spader's new series. Spader is a top notch actor, but otherwise........................................

I believe ABC cancelled "Body Of Proof". Don't understand that at all????

My ABC article has been submitted but it hasn't been posted yet. They did cancel the show (it got low ratings for the network's purposes and season 3 was not very good). There was talk of it going to TNT, USA or WGN America, but apparently that isn't going to happen.

Glad to hear that it was not indeed cancelled! Thanks for clearing that up!!

Here's my look at the ABC 2013-2014 schedule.

Is this true?  " He's a heavy metal maniac who loves female country music singers."

just checking...

I am not a TV watcher, especially of anything to do with the mainstream networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX).  I much prefer the comfort of my DVR and the options to record interesting shows.  I like a lot of documentaries, mystery's, music shows, and am enjoying Jimmy Fallon's Late Night.  But my absolute favorite show to watch is the BBC version of Top Gear.  Now thats a great show!!!  

All this I say only to point out that I think the networks are out of touch, nothing here gets my attention unless 20/20 has something interesting...  But as always, your columns prove to be a great and insightful read.

Yes, it is true...since I listen to a wide variety of stuff, I listen to some country music, but they are all female singers.


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