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What are some of your biggest complaints or problems with rock music as it stands today?  Here are two of mine:


1.  You really can no longer by back catalogue CD's in an actual store any more.  I'm sure this is a result of illegal, and legal downloading.  But I miss being able to go into a music store and spend a couple of hours just browsing old stuff.


2.  Today I saw a news bit that said Daughtry would be re-releasing their current CD with B-sides.  The CD has not been out that long.  Why are you already releasing B-sides.  If you had those songs, why not release them on the original CD.  I think it's somewhat cool for bands that have been around a long time to do this, but it's just a money making venture now.  That's also similar to a band releasing an album today, and tomorrow re-releasing the album with bonus tracks.  It's very irritating to me.

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I agree with yourt points.. On #1, I have several Vinyl's that I cant get on CD. So I treat my LP collection with kid gloves, which I do anyway.

Heres on that gets to me alot.. Sampling... Why? Are the faces of todays music so inept at songwriting and music that they have to resort to stealing bits and pieces of songs? The other day I was riding in a car with my daughter and heard a song that sampled Bitter Sweet Symphony, thats a song form the early 2000's. wow...

There is nothing creative and exciting about todays music at all.
Totally with you on browsing for music at stores, mostly Best Buy. Would spend hours going through their CD's and picking up 15-20 at a time. Those days are LONG gone. I go there rarely now, maybe just to pick up something new if it's cheap and I am astounded by how small the selection has become. Maybe we're too old or something, but I just cannot downlad an album. As I've said before, I need the shiny disc, I need the booklet, I need the case. Downloading seems so impersonal for some reason.

And releasing stuff that soon after the original release? Most probably because people aren't buying CD's much anymore. So they have to do something to ger a few extra bucks.

What's really annoying is that overseas they treat classic rock/metal a hell of a lot better than here. There's so much OOP stuff here that you can buy overseas, but the price is just too high. Check out some of the stuff in Japan for crying out loud! They repesct those artists and that's why you can find a bunch of stuff that you can't find here.

And sampling? Don't even get me started. "Ice, Ice Baby" or whatever that song was. And some folks think they're geniuses? Puff Diddy Daddy Waddy Doo Doo or whatever his name is today?A genius? Has he ever put out something than he hasn't sampled from somewhere?

I'm not angry...just sad.

What's weird is Fry's has a smallish music section but if you look hard enough, they have some interesting stuff, sometimes music that is out of print.

Okay, I'm done.
The download stuff doesnt really cut it for me either, but.... I got a monthly subscription to the ZUNE Marketplace, while it is active I can download full albums for free and keep them until I decide if I want the real thing or not. For this pupose I love the download option, if I love the release, I go buy the package. In some cases where I have opted for a download purchase in music that is hard to find. e.g. Pretty Maids, Firehouse-Primtime, and Asia-Omega...
Pretty Maids is a danish band. WHOO-HOO....!
I agree with you about Best Buy. I would easily buy $300 worth of CD's and DVD's everytime I went. Now there is nothing. Sometimes you can still find some good buys at Borders books, but now I shop almost at Amazon.
Talk about sampling..I guess a new Kanye West song samples from King Crimson's "21st Century Schizoid Man". And just to make this perfectly clear...I DID NOT listen to the song. I read about it. Therefore, you don't have to lose any respect for me (as if you had any anyway).
I agree about the lack of selection of CD's. There are so few decent music stores anymore. I do wonder if record companies would ever come down on the price of a CD (they don't cost all that much to make) if that would regenerate sales to a small degree. I really think and this isn't going to be popular with some of you, but there needs to be a few more regulations involving music downloads, etc. I may be in the minority but I actually think (and don't get me wrong I enjoy surfing the internet sometimes) but there needs to be a little more regulation of the internet in general.

I also get annoyed with the state of radio and rock music today. There are few local owned radio stations anymore. It is so corporate and the playlist on classic and modern rock radio are so narrow it is a bore to listen to most of the time and with the narrow playlist, it is very unlikely that bands are going to add a lot of new fans based on radio airplay. It never ceases to amaze me how repetitive classic rock radio is when there are a thousands of bands, some of which had hits back in the day, never get any of their songs heard anymore. For example, why does Uriah Heep rarely get any of their music played. They had several hits in the 70's.
I hate that the album we get in the States gets released in Europe and/or Japan with extra tracks.

I don't know about you, but I don't have the extra money to buy the CD from overseas just for a new song or two.

And yes, I hate that you really can't find a store these days with much in the way of back catalogues for artists.
With the economy the way it is, I find it easier to go the pawn shop to pick up CD's. I find more CD's this way than going to Best Buy like in the old days. There are a lot of people sellng their collections to pawn shops to make a few bucks than "Record Stores" filling their shelves with older (70's and 80's) music. Plus they are usually only a couple of bucks at the local pawn shop as opposed to $10-$15 at the local Best Buy.
There aren't really many places around here that I can get music second hand.

For releases I consider REALLY important, I go to the Best Buy across the highway from where I work.

For releases I want but can wait a few extra days for, I buy as cheaply as I can off eBay.
Amazon Marketplace is also a very good place to get older CD's fairly inexpensively. You can usually fine them for as little as 99 cents, but you do have to pay $2.98 shipping, but that's still just 4 bucks.


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