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Top 10 Bassist Who Perform Lead Vocals

We had some excellent names mentioned, now it's time to submit your list. Consider output, skill & vocal ability, but more importantly who do you like? Which ones make your Top 10? Don't miss out on this opportunity to share your opinion on who you should be Classic Rock Bottom's Top 10 Favorite Bass Guitarist Who Perform Lead Vocals!

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1. Paul McCartney
2. Geddy Lee
3. Sting
4. Tony Lewis
5. John Cooper
6. Roger Hodgson
7. Dusty Hill
8. Jack Blades
9. Lemmy Kilmeister
10. Roger Waters

1. Sting

2. John Entwhistle

3. Gene Simmons

4. Jeanette Napolitano

5. Les Claypool

6. Peter Cetera

7. John Lodge

8. Dusty Hill

9. Kim Gordon

10. Rick James

1. Geddy Lee

2. Paul McCartney

3. Sting

4. Brian Wilson

5. Steve Priest

6. Peter Cetera

7. Jack Bruce

8. Glen Hughes

9. Greg Lake

10. Trevor Horne

Come on Bottom Feeders, let's get some participation here. I will be closing this thread tomorrow & tabulated the results, do get your lists in!
Today's the day....Last day to submit your list! If you want a voice in determining Classic Rock Bottom's Favorite Bassist Who Perform Lead Vocals, post me a top 10 list.

The Results Are In!

What do you think?

CRB's Top 10 Favorite Bassist Who Perform Lead Vocals

1. Geddy Lee          99+15=114

2. Paul McCartney   92+17=109

3. Sting                    74+11=85

4. Jack Blades           65+11=76

5. Gene Simmons         45+8=53

6. John Wetton            41+8=49

7. Peter Cetera            35+8=43

8. Benjamin Orr           33+9=42

9. Kip Winger               31+7=38

10. Phil Lynott              28+7=35

Thanks again, to all of you who have been faithful in submitting list throughout this series & I hope you will all stay aboard as we continue. 

Good job Mike, although I like the bottome 7 better than the top 3, personally.

I had 8 of the 10 on my list, though I had McCartney a little lower. The only glaring problem I see is Kip Winger. He wouldn't be on my favorite list of anything.


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