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Top 10 Bassist Who Perform Lead Vocals

We had some excellent names mentioned, now it's time to submit your list. Consider output, skill & vocal ability, but more importantly who do you like? Which ones make your Top 10? Don't miss out on this opportunity to share your opinion on who you should be Classic Rock Bottom's Top 10 Favorite Bass Guitarist Who Perform Lead Vocals!

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1. Geddy Lee

2. Phil Lynott

3. dUg Pinnick

4. Paul McCartney

5. Jack Blades

6. John Wetton

7. Chris Squire

8. Benjamin Orr

9. Mariusz Duda

10. Kip Winger

Great call on Duda, totally forgot him.

Sometimes I even surprise myself!

1. Paul McCartney

2. John Entwhistle

3. Geddy Lee

4. Gene Simmons

5. Doug Pinnick

6. Roger Waters

7. Phil Lynnott

8. Graham Gouldman

9. Glen Hughes

10. Steve Priest

I was trying to get the list out with the post, but it crashed & I had to retype it.
Here are the names mentioned:
Geddy Lee, Greg Lake, Gene Simmons, Tony Lewis, Sting, Kip Winger, Jack Blades, Paul McCartney, Glen Hughes, Blackie Lawless, Bruce Hall, Randy Meisner, Timothy B. Schmidt, Benjamin Orr, John Entwhistle, Chris Squire, Doug Pinnick, Bill Wyman, Tom Peterson, Phil Lynott, Lemmy Kilmeister, Jack Bruce, Dusty Hill, Suzi Quatro, Justin Curry, Rick Danko, Steve Priest, Duff McKagen, Roger Hodgson, Graham Gouldman, Sid Vicious, John Wetton, Royston Langdom, John Gallagher, Peter Cetera, John Waite, John Payne, Mariusz Duda, John Lodge, Michael Steele, Kasim Sultan, Curt Smith, Brian Wilson, Richard Page, Roger Waters, Bud Cockrell, Les Claypool, Aimee Mann, Kim Gordon, Trevor Horne, John Cooper, Kyle Henderson & Rick James.

Mike, you must control the masses, myself included.  There are several names here that do not perform a lot of lead vocals.  I think you should disqualify them as the host of this post.  Three names I submitted are questionable (Bruce Hall, Randy Meisner and Timothy B. Schmidt).  Of course, it's your thread, I'm just sayin'.

1. Geddy Lee
2. Sting
3. Jack Blades
4. John Wetton
5. Tony Lewis
6. Paul McCartney
7. Peter Cetera
8. Roger Waters
9. Phil Lynott
10. Benjamin Orr

1. Jack Blades

2. Kip Winger

3. Gene Simmons

4. Glen Hughes

5. Mariusz Duda

6. John Waite

7. John Wetton

8. Benjamin Orr

9. Peter Cetera

10. Phil Lynott

I make a list of all names that are posted in the threads. If there are any questionable mentions, then it should be debated in the thread. This list is merely a guide to aide in compiling your list. Each participant is free to choose who they wish, but artist with limited participation at either lead vocals or the particular instrument specified in the thread are usually weeded out of the final list by lack of votes.

Fair enough.

While some of these artists might not have been the main vocalist in their "home ' group, some did have solo output where they were the lead vocalist. Also remember that some of the artists do provide occasional lead vocals with their "home" band. 

Fair enough.


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