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Top 10 Drummers Who Perform Lead Vocals

We've mentioned & discussed some great names, now it's time to submit your list. Who's your Top 10 Drummers Who Perform Lead Vocals? Who are your favorites & who do you think handled both duties the best. I understand there are a few gray areas here, but what we're looking for are artist that sang lead vocals from behind the drum set. Your list should consider drum skill, vocal ability & output performing the two. Submit your list of the 10 artists you like & or consider the best.

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He has nice hair...

Me or Kip?

Obviously Kip. Those flowing locks. Yummy. 

That's right Mike, but only my opinion is correct sir.

But, you've never had nice hair. Be for real!

1. Phil Collins

2. Don Henley

3. Ring Starr

4. Roger Taylor

5. Deen Castronovo

6. Peter Criss

7. Dennis Wilson

8. Don Brewer

9. Grant Heart

10. Levon Helm

Where is Peter Gabriel & Mick Fleetwood?

1. Don Henley

2. Phil Collins

3. Kelly Keagy

4. Micky Dolenz

5. Roger Taylor

6. Karen Carpenter

7. Peter Criss

8. Phillip Wright

9. Levon Helm

10. Shelia E.

1. Ringo Starr

2. Micky Dolenz

3. Karen Carpenter

4. Peter Rivera

5. Levon Helm

6. Phillip Wright

7. Phil Collins

8. Don Henley

9.Don Brewer

10. Dennis Wilson

Who are your favorite Drummer Lead Vocalist? If you want to weight in on this, there's still time to submit your list, but get on it, this thread will be closing tomorrow.
1. Kelly Keagy
2. Roger Taylor
3. Ringo Starr
4. Phil Collins
5. Peter Criss
6. Don Henley
7. Deen Castronovo
8. Mike Portnoy
9. Dennis Wilson
10. Peter Rivera

CRB's Top 10 Favorite Drummers Who Perform Lead Vocals

1. Phil Collins 122+19+141

2. Don Henley 101+19=120

3.Ringo Starr 94+14=110

3. Roger Taylor 94+16=110

4. Kelly Keagy 89+13=102

5.Peter Criss 80+13=93

6. Micky Dolenz 47+9=56

7. Karen Carpenter 42+8=50

8. Levon Helm 33+8=41

9. Dennis Wilson 18+6=24

10. Gil Moore 17+4=21

The Best Of The Rest

Sheila E. 13+7=20

Peter Rivera 14+4=18

Deen Castronovo 14+3=17

Mike Portnoy 13+4=17

Don Brewer 12+5=17

Phillip Wright 11+3=14

Good job.  The only thing I'd change is one and two.


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