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Sometimes 5 won't do & you just need 10. You were asked to compile a list of your favorite lead guitarist who perform lead vocals, now we want to find out CRB's Top 10. I need you to submit a list of 10, with your favorites in descending order. Consider their master of the guitar, their vocal ability & your likability. Keep in mind this is a list of lead guitarist & vocalist, so they must do both on at least a few tracks to qualify. We will have another list for Rhythm guitarist who perform lead, so hold off on posting them.
We will follow this lead guitarist list with rhythm guitarist, bass guitarist, drummers & keyboardist/pianist. We will tally the lists & determine our 10 favorites. So let's make some good lists, I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

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I must think...

1. Tommy Shaw

2. Richie Kotzen

3. Lindsey Buckingham

4. Terry Kath

5. Joe Bonamassa

6. Tom Keifer

7. Joe Walsh

8. Glen Campbell

9. Jeff Lynne

10. Robert Cray

1. Pete Townshend

2. Frank Zappa

3. Keith Richard

4. George Harrison

5. Billy Gibbons

6. Lindsey Buckingham

7. Dave Davies

8. Eric Clapton

9. Ace Frehley

10. Jimi Hendrix


I totally forgot about Gilmour. He will be pretty high up, on my list:

1. Pete Townshend

2. David Gilmour

3. Frank Zappa

4. Keith Richard

5. George Harrison

6. Billy Gibbons

7. Lindsey Buckingham

8. Dave Davies

9. Eric Clapton

10. Ace Frehley

1.Peter Frampton

2. Tommy Shaw

3. Aldo Nova

4. Myles Goodwyn

5. David Gilmore

6. Rick Emmett

7. Terry Kath

8. Brian Setzer

9. Billy Gibbons

10. Jimi Hendrix

1. Stevie Ray Vaughn

2. Prince

3. Brian Setzer

4. B. B. King

5. George Harrison

6. Lindsey Buckingham

7. Jimi Hendrix

8. John Denver

9. George Thorogood

10. Pete Townsend 

1. Dave Meniketti

2. David Gilmour

3. Prince

4. Matthew Bellamy

4. Mikael Akerfeldt

5. Peter Frampton

6. Pat Travers

7. Mark Knopfler

8. Kim Mitchell

9. John Fogerty

10. Buck Dharma

Alright, all you Bottom Feeders, I know you're out there, I know you have opinions. Don't miss the opportunity to submit your list.
Time is running out! If you haven't submitted your final Top Ten List of Lead Guitarist Who Perform Lead Vocals, you need to get it done. Here Ye, Here Ye, Your opinion matters, let it be heard!
1. Ted Nugent
2. George Harrison
3. Tommy Shaw
4. B. B. King
5. George Thorogood
6. Tom Kiefer
7. Prince
8. Stevie Ray Vaughn
9. Dave Matthews
10. Niel Young
I will be tallying the results tomorrow, so if you haven't submitted your list "Git R Done."

1. Jimi Hendrix

2. Billy Gibbons

3. Ted Nugent

4. John Fogerty

5. Rik Emmett

6. Jerry Riggs

7. Tommy Shaw

8. Joe Bonamassa

9. Dave Gilmour

10. Peter Frampton


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