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There should be absolutely no confusion here.  Who are your Top 5 American bands?  Here's mine:

5. Journey

4. Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

3. Cheap Trick

2. Van Halen

1. Kiss

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Noah, I've known your Dad for a long time.  I'm not sure how old you are, but I'm gonna look at this like I was the same age that I'm guessing you are.  Props for picking Journey, Aerosmith and even GNR.  I would probably have picked Disturbed as well, but for me probably Shinedown instead of Linkin Park (I did like their first album). It's good to get a younger view point. 

So RJ comes up with an idea that promotes the KISS factor. hmmmm....

Just a quick note...  For a thread with no confusion I had encountered some. For example, 

  • Are we talking Classic Bands only? Because Nirvana (love 'em or hate 'em) deserves consideration if not.
  • Are we limited to the 50 United States and Virgin Islands? No distinction regarding North, Central or South America was clarified. And if Just North, then include Canada or not? (I suspect not, but some may need this clarification)
  • Do we consider sales? Popularity, Longevity... you know stuff like that as factors?

Or do we go with what our personal faves are, pure and simple? I tried to think about all the above with the limitation of the band being from the good ol' US of A. So heres what I came up with...

5. ZZ Top
4. Chicago
2. Journey
1. Van Halen

I am penciling these in for now...

Nice List, I like it! That's kinda' what I did. I went with my favorite bands, the one's that had the greatest impact on me coming up, not necessarily my favorites at the moment, but I also considered longevity. Gun's & Roses, while I think they had a huge impact, their longevity was cut short because of turmoil.

Nice loophole, but I just considered the states, because if we were able to include Canada, you know who would be on our list! 

Top 5 Bands From The Continuous United States (But Including Hawaii and Alaska)


No Canadians dang it!


No South Americans dang it!


Longevity or popularity or sales is up to the individual.  If the band came from across the street and never made a record, but you think they deserve a place in the Top 5, list 'em.


I did this on my personal faves, because they are my Top 5.  If I had done it based on what I thought somebody else may think, Aerosmith would have been on my list.




2-Blue Oyster Cult

1-Alice Cooper (Before anyone complains and says band, not solo artist, Alice Cooper started off as a band. Everthing from Pretties For You thru Muscle of Love (Alice Cooper-Greatest Hits was also the original band) was Alice Cooper the Group with Alice as lead singer. The first Alice Cooper solo album was Welcome To My Nightmare.

I Like the BOC Nod!


There should be no complaints about AC.  He definitely qualifies.

Ok from the Great Whit North lol,


1. Kiss

2. Motley Crue

3. Aerosmith

4. LA Guns,

5. Van Halen

LA Guns!  Interesting, any recommendation for someone like me who knows very little about them?  Like whats the best album to start with?

One of my favorites. My favorites are: LA Guns-Self-Titled, "Cocked and Loaded," "Hollywood Vampires," "Waking the Dead," and "Tales from the Strip."

And don't they have a new one coming out?

5. GNR

4. Eagles

3. Styx

2. Journey

1. Van Halen


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