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There should be absolutely no confusion here.  Who are your Top 5 American bands?  Here's mine:

5. Journey

4. Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

3. Cheap Trick

2. Van Halen

1. Kiss

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All fantastic bands.  Styx and Aerosmith were on my short list.  Aerosmith got bumbed at the last minute.

I had every album by Journey, Styx & Van Halen! They were easily, my top picks! Kiss was my first Love, my first exposure to Rock & Roll! Kiss Destroyer was my first Rock album, so I gotta include them. Number 5 is tough! I Love the Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers mention. I loved them & I listened to them a lot. Aerosmith....I wasn't really into them in high school, but I developed a following for them later. I put Tom Petty & Aerosmith in the same catagory of respect. I love the fact that niether of them ever quit making music, especially, during the Grunge era. Gun's & Roses, need  all the props in the world for coming out in a time. when rock was dead! The kept Rock alive, just didn't have the longevity of these other bands. I really liked, Night Ranger too! It's like I said in an earlier thread, I really don't know where to put Petty in my list of favorite bands, so I'm going with Aerosmith in the 5th spot, not as comfortable with that, as the other picks.

I like Night Ranger a lot as well.  They would make my Top 10 for sure.

5. The Turtles

4. Sly & The Family Stone

3. Three Dog Night

2. The Beach Boys

1. The Byrds

Your gonna make me stop and think about Three Dog Night and The Beach Boys!

The Beach Boys. A good one!

The Beach Boys is a great call Randy.

5. Chicago

4. Aerosmith

3. Journey

2. Styx

1. Van Halen

5. Guns N' Roses

4. Tom Petty

3. Eagles

2. Styx

1. Journey

Eagles were on my short list as well.

5. Motley Crue

4. Van Halen

3. Aerosmith

2. Kiss

1. Bon Jovi

5. Linkin Park

4. Aerosmith 

3. Disturbed

2. Guns N' Roses

1. Journey




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