Classic Rock Bottom

Pretty simple, huh?

5. Rolling Stones

4. The Who

3. Aerosmith

2. Led Zeppelin

1. Kiss

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Angel is cool because it's the same...upside down!!!!!!

And more naked guy butt!

Ah... you gave it away!

I like the Angel pick, but I'm surprised nobody's mentioned this one.

short listed, just didnt make my final cut...

Love for the Hagar fronted Van, I must decide if that should be a separate entry since it is altered from the original.

Let me know because I didnt intend to post a logo that suggested Hagar or Roth...

I think it's fine.  It was more of a light-hearted attempt at humor, since there is so much animosity between the participants (of Van Halen).  It is an adaptation of the original, with the wings rounded off in a circle as opposed to straight out. 

Just my opinion, but I think that it's a form of the original & should be considered as the same. Several logos have taken slight alterations & updates over the years, but if the premis is the same, it should be one. I like the fact that a logo idea can be adapted. I think that's what makes them classic.

Some more great additions! Loved seeing these, including the "updated" ones.






We need a couple more people to vote.  If anybody knows somebody that knows somebody, get 'em to vote.  I do have a couple of votes from CRB's Facebook page to count as well.


By the way, if you are on FB, please check out the page there and join the group.  Anybody who wants me to send them the links, just send me a message and I'll find you on FB.

Your CRB Top 5 Band Logos of all time are.....

1 - KISS 69
2 - Van Halen 52
3 - Led Zeppelin 29
4 - (tie) ACDC/Rush 26
5 - Rolling Stones 13


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