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If That Metal Show can do this then we can do this better...  My topic this week is ...


Top 5 Best Front Men of the 70's.


5.  Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)

4. Paul Rodgers (Free, Bad Company)

3. Freddie Mercury (Queen)

2. Roger Daltrey (The Who)

1. Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin)


I'll start, you chime in, and we tally it up and post THE Definitive list in the next 5-6 days. 


Think you can come up with a better list?  Post it!

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Now for some discussion! Since everyone on my list has appeared on at least one other list, I will defend my choices. But first, I would like to say that everyone mentioned here, deserves to be recognized. What it all boils down to is choice, opinion & personal preference. Quite simply, what we want here is a top 5 that best represents the CRB faithful. With that being said, the catagory is Best Frontman of the 70's. So, we are judging primarily on showmanship, someone that commanded an audience, not necessarily vocal ability. I believe my choices reflect that & I'll make an argument for each.

5. Steve Perry (Journey) - Arguably, the best vocalist in Rock & Roll history, but he makes my list because of his delivery. When Steve Perry performed, he embraced the audience with his presence & you could feel his heart in every note. Journey released 5 albums in the 70's, 2 of them went triple platnium.

4. Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones) I'm not the biggest Stones fan, but you can't deny the presence this guy has! He is the quintessential frontman! Mick Jagger is engaging, his lips are iconic & his facial expressions & on stage antics command you attention!

3. Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) Steven Tyler is captivating, with his flamboyance, flair for style & charismatic personality! He has a huge mouth, that delivers some of the highest pitched screams in the business. His performances are always energetic, Steven Tyler is a true performer!!! 

2. David Lee Roth (Van Halen) The first person I thought of when I read the catagory was David Lee Roth! This catagory was meant for him! Diamond Dave's never going t be on the top of anyone's vocal list, but when you think of a showman, he has to come to mind. He's comical & has a commanding personality, he loves the limelight! His agility & athletisism are amazing, He never fails to deliver a healthy barrage of high arial jumps & kicks, not to mention slpits!

1. Freddie Mercury (Queen) - Is there any need to debate this one? The fact that he's on everyone's list is a credit to probably the most dynamic vocalist of our lifetime. Freddie easily makes a top vocalist list, but what puts him here is his incredible theatrical performances! He always Amazes!!! While there is debate to be had on the other nominees, I think we've, without question, found our number one!!!

Here are some reasons why I didn't choose some of the others mentioned.

Paul Rogers (Bad Company) Eventhough, I like some of Bad Company's songs, I've never been a fan of Paul Rodgers vocals & to be honest, I've never seen him perform.

Robert Plant (Led Zepplin) Very deserving to be mentioned! I have seen him perform & he is quite a performer! While I like Plant & Zepplin, he's just not one of my favorites.

Roger Daltrey (The Who) Again, great performer, who is very deserving of mention here! I also like The Who, but he's just not one of my faves.

Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath) I strongly, considered him for my list, but decided against it, because his solo career didn't start until 1980. Awesome stage presence, very deserving!

Bon Scott (AC/DC) Another great performer, just wasn't in my top 5.

Paul Stanly (Kiss) I love Kiss & Paul Stanley, just not in my top 5.

Ian Anderson (Jetro Tull) Easily wins best flute frontman!!!

David Bowie  There's no denying his presence! David Bowie is a heck of performer, I just don't think of Bowie when I think classic rock.

Alice Cooper  Definitely a performer!!! He's a dynamic & captivating frontman, just don't think he makes the top 5.

Ian Gillian  Never really listened to a lot of Deep Purple coming up. Can't really comment on Ian.

Deborah Harry  Well yeah, it's front men so......

Iggy Pop  Strange Dude, I like his voice! He's a good singer & performer, but we're trying to find the top 5. 

Ronnie James Dio - He's good! Is he top 5? Didn't join Sabbath until the 80's.

 Ok, mine is out there! Let the debate begin!!!







Love the case you make, and as much as I love Steve Perry and David Lee Roth their 70's output was weak compared to the rest of those I considered.


Perry and Roth each released only 2 albums in the 70's (Infinity/Evolution and Van Halen/VHII respectively).  They would be very high on an 80's list without a doubt, but I cant see them playing in the same arena as Plant, Daltrey, Mercury etc in the 70's context.


As for Jagger, its a personal preference issue with me, I dont care for the Stones and I find his "dancing" irritating.  Im in the minority without a doubt, but thats my take in him...


I see names like Gillan, Cooper, Dio, Scott, and I have to second guess myself!  I totalled whiffed on Phil Lynott and made an adjustment but I like the decisons up to this point, I think my list is solid! 


How about yours?

As much as I love DLR and think he's a terrific frontman (he was second on my list), I agree with Scott, he might be a better fit for an 80's list.


But I'm not gonna revise my list.  I'll just agree that my # 2 doesn't belong on the official list.

That's a pretty good argument Mike.  After more thought, I believe Perry and Roth are more at home on an 80's list.  And if it were judged on vocals, Mercury/Perry would definitely be my top 2.  Dio did plenty in the 70's to qualify, but even he might be better off on an 80's list.


Ozzy may have been solo in the 80's, but he was in Sabbath in the 70's.  I think he belongs.


Keep in mind from my standpoint, I have not seen the majority of these folks live physically. 


Scott, good luck putting together the Official CRB Top 5 Front MEN of the 70's list.

Van Halen & Van Halen II were great albums with great tours! If that's not enough to qualify him? RJ, since you pulled your support, are we agreeing to remove DLR from consideration? He was 2nd on Neils list also, curious to see what he has to say.

Likewise, Infinity & Evolution are Awesome albums & contain some of their best songs! Is this not enough to qualify Perry as a 70's frontman? Tage, also listed Perry. Would like to hear his opinion.

I wil accept your Ozzy argument & agree that he belongs. I will support his consideration!


Agreed those albums are killer!  I wasnt trying to convince you to change your list, I was stating the reason I didnt include them.  If you feel strongly enough, leave them there...

I am not saying they should not qualify, I am just saying they might better belong to the 80's. That also leaves more room for folks that were active for more of the 70's as a whole. I do not think anybody should change their personal list, but we have to get this narrowed down to 5.

That's why we're having this discussion, to see who we collectively agree should make the CRB   top 5. I do like my nominees & I believe they are all worthy canidates, but we need to find 5 we can all agree on. I'm willing to negotiate in order to find common ground & create a list that best represents the CRB faithful.


Heres a thought...  I am tracking the voting in a spreadhseet, I was planning on weighting the votes based on position and summing up the totals, then the top 5 kind of spit themselves out..  For now Im weighting it as follows...


For each ranking I am assigning...

1 = 10 points

2 = 8 points

3 = 6 points

4 = 4 points

5 = 2  points


I am then adding the number of votes to the total so if someone gets 6 low votes versus someone who got 2 high votes it would account for the popularity factor!  Thoughts?


Then sum it all up after voting is closed and post the Top 5!  What do you think?  The discussion is important to get everyones list finalized and each one feeling like theyve considered all arguments.



That's basically how I do the end of the year awards...except I don't know how to use a spreadsheet.  I just spread my handwriting all over a blank sheet of paper...except sometimes it's not blank at all and it has other writing on it...but it's basically the same as you are doing...except it's different.

90% of my professional life is spent using Excel!  If you want a copy of the spreadsheet I used when Im done I'll send it to anyone, just private message me your email.


Its very simple and fast!

Likewise, I use excel for everything work & home!


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