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If That Metal Show can do this then we can do this better...  My topic this week is ...


Top 5 Best Front Men of the 70's.


5.  Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)

4. Paul Rodgers (Free, Bad Company)

3. Freddie Mercury (Queen)

2. Roger Daltrey (The Who)

1. Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin)


I'll start, you chime in, and we tally it up and post THE Definitive list in the next 5-6 days. 


Think you can come up with a better list?  Post it!

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Good deal...That's the way we all need to do it.

5-Ian Gillian (Deep Purple)

4-Iggy Pop

3-Deborah Harry (Blondie)-I had to include her because there is not a ton of female led rockers

2-Freddie Mercury

1-Alice Cooper

I almost included Ian Gillan, if this was top ten, I would have.

And might want to revise, it's front MEN.

Well, I see one name that's been on everybody's list.

Lots of Queen fans on here. Maybe we need to post more of them...

Are you sure, they actually ARE Queen-FANS??!! Even though I've got Mick Jagger on the no. 1 spot, I don't consider myself a Rolling Stones-fan.

Hey! I'm a Queen fan!

And there is a half-assed Queen group page, at least the studio album players work. The rest, day.

Me too, I like Queen.

Make it 3!!!













Probably just me, then, but to like a band and be a fan is two different things. I like Queen as well, but I'm not a Queen-fan.

5. Steve Perry

4. Ronnie James Dio

3. Paul Rodgers

2. Freddie Mercury

1. Robert Plant


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