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If That Metal Show can do this then we can do this better...  My topic this week is ...


Top 5 Best Front Men of the 70's.


5.  Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)

4. Paul Rodgers (Free, Bad Company)

3. Freddie Mercury (Queen)

2. Roger Daltrey (The Who)

1. Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin)


I'll start, you chime in, and we tally it up and post THE Definitive list in the next 5-6 days. 


Think you can come up with a better list?  Post it!

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We have a new player to the game!

Welcome Lance!


Here's my 3 cents!

I admire the discussio this has drummed up. Extrmeley fantastic, just what we needed!

Now when I'm thinking frontman, I'm thinking of someone that you focus on when you see a band in concert. To me, you would focus on Freddie, Alice and Daivd, not so much the band (ecept at solo time, of course). Phil Lynott was on my short list as well as Ian Gillan, but I didn't include Lynott because I liked my top 5 and Gillan, well, I think folks went to see Deep Purple more for Ritchie than Ian (could be wrong on that since I never saw them in concert.)


I included Roger and Robert since they are icons and true frontmen, but I think a case could be made for both on who was the REAL frontman of The Who and Zeppelin, so it all boils down to a personal opinion. 

A case could be made for Jagger, but like Scott, the chicken dancing just annoys the crap out of me, even though I like the Stones, to a point.

That's all I gots to say!

Oh wait...for Perry and Roth, I consider them more 80's than 70's too, but picking them wouldn't be wrong.

5. Paul Stanley

4. Steven Tyler

3. Freddie Mercury

2. Robert Plant

1. Bon Scott

Joining in late as usual, but here goes my list:

5 - Mick Jagger   I'm not very big on the Stones or Jagger, but he is an amazing frontman. His stage antics puts him up here for me. Honestly, I've never thought Jagger or the Stones, for that matter, are that good. But for this list, for me, he is on it. In fact, I think Steven Tyler gets bumped from my list by Jagger...and I think Jagger influenced Tyler a lot

4 - Ted Nugent   and before you blast's why...he does sing some of the songs...and he is the FRONTMAN of his band. January 20th, 1977....the greatest individual performance I've ever seen. Nugent opening for Sabbath, and young Ted was so energetic, he blew Sabbath away that night. How can I remember this 35 years later??? Must have been impressed and blown away, I'd say!! Sometimes I can't even remember the names of songs I write, but I remember this like it was yesterday. Nugent is a front man, and he is the "alpha male" of rock n roll!

3 - Phil Mogg (UFO) - Great voice, great stage presence and...strange lyrics, sometimes, but he still was/is a great frontman. The first time I ever saw UFO, Mogg was on fire! There were times he would take his microphone, and start whirling it around his a cowboy would do a "rope lasso". He kept letting the mic cord go through his hand, so the mic was flying around and around, further and further away from him...and towards his band mates! No lie, I saw this with my on two time, the mic was swirled so far out that it brushed Michael Schenker's hair...I saw his hair fly up! The mic came that close to hitting Schenker right in the head!! Can you imagine that? Swirling a microphone around and around, so close to other people's heads? How he never hit someone that night, I'll never know. But maybe he did hit Schenker at some point in their career....Michael kept leaving...coming back...leaving...maybe that's why they could not ultimately get along?

2 - Ronnie James Dio - I saw this "little big man" at least twice in the 70's with Rainbow...several times in the 80's with Sabbath...and at least 3 or 4 times touring with Dio. Out of all those times...I don't recall a single bad note. Dont know who else could ever match Ronnie's accuracy...night after night...tour after tour.

1 - Robert Plant - I dont have any comments to add. Zeppelin is the greatest rock band of all time.

And yes,  I left out the awesomely talented Freddie Mercury. I just never could get into that whole opera style of singing. It's always been clear to me how much talent the dude had, but I just never could dig Queen much at all. I wanna rock, not be at an opera show.

steve perry


mick jagger

bon scott

robert plant


1 through 5 -or- 5 through 1?

Number Five-Rick Neilson (Cheap Trick, such a good, fun band and Neilson is amazing)

Number Four-David Byron (Uriah Heep. Why has the masses forgotten Uriah Heep?)

Number Three-Alice Cooper (Love me some Coop, still a top notch performer and underrated singer with that trademark growl of his)

Number Two-Neil Young (such an icon)

Number One-Freddie Mercury (Queen were so talented)

This is in response to Gordon's excellent list.

I definitely think Ted Nugent is worthy of consideration. Ted is entertaining, a great guitar player, decent vocalist, and definitely is fun to watch. I have often thought Uncle Ted's political rants have hurt his legacy. So many people can't see past that anymore and forget with a strong contribution he has made to music. If I am not mistaken, he was the Top grossing hard rock performer for three years in a row back in the late 70's.

In regards to Ronnie James Dio, I considered him as well because I think Dio is amazing. What ultimately made me decide against him was the fact that Rainbow was Ritchie Blackmore's band much more so than him. Dio may have been the singer in the early days, but I would say the majority of the crowd were there to see Blackmore first and he called the shots. That is not intended as a potshot against Dio at all. In some ways, I suspect that was the issue with Black Sabbath in the early 80's. Black Sabbath is Iommi's band and Ronnie and Tony butted heads on some things and finally Ronnie started his own excellent band. I think in the case of Rainbow and Black Sabbath, it came down to a case where Ronnie wanted to have control over the lyrics (justifiably so) and front the band but the guitar players basically wanted much of the limelight.

This may be the best, most response-laden thread ever on CRB!  All the credit goes to Scott for the excellent idea.  Everybody that's on Facebook should hit the "like" button above and share this with their FB friends.

Jim Morrison
Mick Jagger
David Lee Roth
Steven Tyler
Freddie Mercury


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