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My turn, and the topic this week is... Top 5 Best Guitarists Of The 80's

But.....there's one rule: The guitarist must not have appeared on a "debut-record" earlier than 1/1-1980 and not later than 31/12-1989.

5. Jake E. Lee (Debut with Rough Cutt in 1981)

4. Steve Vai (Debut on Frank Zappa's "Tinseltown Rebellion" 1981)

3. George Lynch (Debut on Dokken's "Breaking The Chains" 1983)

2. Ty Tabor ( Debut on "Sneak Preview" 1983(? not sure if this was an official release?))

1. Nuno Bettencourt ( Debut on "Extreme" 1989)


And now it's YOUR turn to come up with something better, if you can!!

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Awesome topic.  I'll have to think on it though. 

5. Ty Tabor

4. Joe Satriani

3. Steve Vai

2. Nuno Bettencourt

1. John Sykes

Great call on Sykes!  I was actually looking up his discography when you posted him.  I had thought that Tygers debuted with him prior to 1980, but he is cleared and valid!

Look no further than this list!


5. Adrian Vandenberg

4. Vinnie Vincent

3. Adrian Smith

2. Steve Vai

1. John Sykes

Nuno Bettencourt's entire 80's output consists of one debut album that managed to peak on the Billboard charts at #80. His technical skill and ability is as strong as others, but his 80's output does not warrant a position in the CRB Top 5 "80's" guitarist.  My opinion only of course... doesn't say that his 90's playing doesn't count.  He fits the one rule.  It's amazing how Niels massaged those rules to fit Randy Rhodes in.

Oh no, that's just a coinsidence 

But I must say, that I'm EXTREMELY surprised, that I'm the only one with Randy Rhoads on the list so far???

What are you guys thinking???????? 

And regarding Nuno Bettencourt, yes true, only one album, but as RJ says, he fit's the rules, and I REALLY consider him an 80's guitarist!! The "master" Rhoads only appears on TWO albums, but WHAT albums!!!!!!! 

Now, come on, people, vote for Rhoads. I guess the no. 1 spot is gone, but a top 5-list without him is a disgrace!!!!!!!!

I'm willing to bet that he will be left off of most lists because:

1.  It doesn't seem that he fits the rules since he was in Quiet Riot in the late 70''s (although according to your statement about Japan, he technically fits).

2. He only made the two albums...ever.

He was on my shortlist, but because of those 2 reasons above, he didn't make it.  I'm thinking for my list I should have put Nuno at 3 and DiMartini at 4, but I can't make up my mind.

Plus, to be perfectly frank, I never really cared for Rhoades. He's in the same boat as Malmsteen with me.

Okay, I'm willing to change the rules, if you guys have "trouble" with the rule regarding Rhoads, so it would be ANY "debut-record before 1/1-'80"??!! How's that? As soon, as I get some time, I'll change it.

So, Rhoads is out of contention? Will have to adjust mine also.

5. Paul Dean (Loverboy)

4. Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme)

3.  Warren DiMartini Ratt)

2.  Frank Hannon/Tommy Skeoch (Tesla)

1. Brad Gillis/Jeff Watson (Night Ranger)

There were no rules regarding two guitar bands, and I'm not sure who played what, but if I can't use the duo's in 2 and 1, just go with the name listed first.


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