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My turn, and the topic this week is... Top 5 Best Guitarists Of The 80's

But.....there's one rule: The guitarist must not have appeared on a "debut-record" earlier than 1/1-1980 and not later than 31/12-1989.

5. Jake E. Lee (Debut with Rough Cutt in 1981)

4. Steve Vai (Debut on Frank Zappa's "Tinseltown Rebellion" 1981)

3. George Lynch (Debut on Dokken's "Breaking The Chains" 1983)

2. Ty Tabor ( Debut on "Sneak Preview" 1983(? not sure if this was an official release?))

1. Nuno Bettencourt ( Debut on "Extreme" 1989)


And now it's YOUR turn to come up with something better, if you can!!

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Okay, now you guys are just...

You could just use Watson, he meets the criteria.

5. Steve Vai

4. Adrian Vandenberg

3. George Lynch

2. Slash

1. Randy Rhoads

At last a fellow Randy Rhoads-"fan"!!!!!

Honorable Mention: Warren DiMartini

5. Steve Vai

4. Jeff Watson

3. Adrian Vandenberg

2. George Lynch

1. Slash

I'm confused, are you posting two lists or is the second one your official list?

Nevermind, I see why now.

5. Jake E. Lee

4. Jeff LeBar

3. Adrian Smith

2. John Sykes

1. Vinnie Vincent

I've changed "my rule", so Randy Rhoads have nothing to do on this list, since he played on the QR-albums from the 70's.

5. Jeff Watson

4. Adrian Vandenberg

3. Warren DiMartini

2. George Lynch

1. Slash

Wish the rules would allow me to put my favorite guitarist of all time, Eddie Van Halen number one! 


Agree... the rule has left some of my favorites off as well. But it was kind of fun researching a couple of these guys.

I'm sure we'll see a 70's list as well as an "overall" list at some point.  I thought the 80's theme from Niels was great because almost everybody would have been from earlier otherwise.


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