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Who are your Top 5 Canadian Rock Bands/Artists?  Any genre is okay.  Here's mine:

5. Bachman- Turner Overdrive

4. The Guess Who

3. Triumph

2. Loverboy


1. Rush

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Scandal, here is the link for the Top 10 Triumph Songs if you wanna give us your two cents...

Well being a proud Canadian mine might look much different than most of yours. Growing up in the 80's in Canada it was really quite interesting because we totally got all of the American entertainment. Music, movies, sports and all the pop culture but for music we also had the CRTC (a government regulated body that ensures a minimum percentage of the music we hear on Canadian radio must be Canadian content and there is a list of qualifications in order to be deemed Canadian content). This regulation made stars north of the border that really never cracked the American markets, some of these bands grew frustrated trying to break through, others simply accepted and enjoyed platinum success in Canada with strings of successful tours and records. As a Canadian teenager, we saw these bands as every bit the rock stars as their American counterparts. I am constantly amazed when I bring up bands to my internet friends to learn they have never heard of them. So here is my list of MY TOP 5 Canadian bands and as much as I love RUSH and Triumph, I purposely omitted them. Cheers

1. Killer Dwarfs

2. Coney Hatch

3. Brighton Rock

4. Helix

5. Kick Axe

Just getting plugged into Coney Hatch...  like what Im hearing so far

Great band, great guys. In fact I am off to see them live this weekend and have an interview booked with Andy Curran (bass/vocals). If you want me to ask them anything let me know.

oh man...  I wish I knew something intelligent to ask them...  but I'm just getting started listening to them.  I am listening to their new album - Four - any recommendations where to go next?

C'mon Scott, you can come up with a worthy question.

Well Four us their forth album (original title lol) but I would go straight to the debut self titled record next.

WallyG, that is very interesting information regarding the minimum percentage of Canadian content.  Never knew that.

Yeah, remember those K-tell compilation records like Rock-82 We would see the commercials on TV and run to the record store only to find half the record with different "Canadian" songs than the version we saw on tv

That's great!  I found a K-Tell comp. recently that has Destroyer pictured on the front cover but the song on the album is Hard Luck Woman.  Go figure.  Those things were quite the value.

Crap, forgot about Kick Axe. Killer debut album.

1. Rush
2. Aldo Nova
3. Loverboy
4. Triumph
5. Tom Cochrane & Red Rider

Really hated leaving off April Wine & Saga...
I was happy to see that Bryan Adams & the Killer Dwarves got a mention.


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