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Okay, we'll start off with a topic that they did a couple weeks ago on That Metal Show.

Your top 5 Iron Maiden albums:

For me it is:

5. A Matter of Life and Death

4. Powerslave

3. The Number of the Beast

2. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

1. Somewhere In Time

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Fear Of The Dark isn't horrible....but no way should it be in the top 5. And No Prayer For The Dying? Man, that ranks right above the two Blaze Bayley albums. "Public Enema Number One"? C'mon! 

I'm going to close the discussion on Saturday.

But to be honest, I misunderstood the purpose of the category. And thus have no idea how to do a final ranking.

I have a ranking spreadsheet I'd be happy to plug in the responses and see how they come out. I'll private message you the outcome and let you make the final adjustments however you want... Ok for you?

That works for me Scott.

For those who are curious... Heres the final list from That Metal Show!


5. Powerslave

4. Iron Maiden

3. Piece of Mind

2. Killers

1. Number of the Beast

Well, all of my 5 choices are there 

5. Killers

4. Powerslave

3. The Number of the Beast

2. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

1. Somewhere in Time


A Matter Of Life And Death and Dance Of Death I own and need to listen to.


Piece Of Mind and Somewhere In Time I don't own.


It looks like everybody's list contains these 4 and some combination of:


Iron Maiden, Killers, Powerslave, The Number Of The Beast, and Seventh Son.


I don't know why I just posted this commen, it doesn't help the discussion at all.

it helps, it tells me you need to own Piece of Mind and Somewhere in Time 

Be careful though, RJ, because SIT is.....boring!

Insult my favorite Maiden album...we shall duel at dawn good sir!



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