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Okay, we'll start off with a topic that they did a couple weeks ago on That Metal Show.

Your top 5 Iron Maiden albums:

For me it is:

5. A Matter of Life and Death

4. Powerslave

3. The Number of the Beast

2. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

1. Somewhere In Time

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I don't know their entire catalog like I should. I like some Maiden stuff but find it a bit repetitive. Loved The Number of the Beast and Piece of Mind and some of Powerslave. I couldn't get into Somewhere In Time at all other than a couple of songs and kind of lost interest.

Please consider the voting now closed!

The thread will be locked later today but no more votes will be accepted now. Thanks to Scott volunteering to do the calculations, you will find below the list of the Top 5 Iron Maiden albums determined by our votes.

I'm fine with all of them except perhaps Killers. Mainly because I never liked Paul Di'Anno's vocals. The stuff is great when Dickinson is singing songs from the first two Maiden albums but I can't listen to Di'Anno's singing.

Discuss as you will but the thread will be locked later today.


The Number of the Beast 55 1
Somewhere In Time 40 2
Killers 39 3
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son 38 4
Piece of Mind 35 5

My favorite came in at number 4.  That's acceptable to me.  Haven't heard Somewhere In Time or Piece Of Mind.  I don't really get the love for The Number Of The Beast, but I'll listen to it again.  Overall, that looks like a fine list to me.  When I get some time, I'll have a page dedicated to the Official lists...

Eh, I wouldn't have Piece Of Mind below Somewhere in Time or Seventh Son , but the peeps voted and that's what the peeps said! I could go with either Number or Piece #1, and the rest of the albums are all very good so this turned out quite nice. 

Great job everyone and thanks to TageRyche for starting the madness!


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